Child Adult Corrector O/X-type legs corrector tape Available all day corretor de postura leg bandage Can walk freely

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Child Adult Corrector O/X-type legs correction tape Available all day corretor de postura leg bandage Can walk freely 


Name: O/X leg straightening band (Available all day)
Model: JZL-034
Material: Neoprene polymeric fibers (Diving fabric)
Spec: S / M / L
Origin: Guangzhou, China
Applicable: O/X-type legs




From a medical point of view, X / O-type legs mainly because of human growth period lack of calcium and phosphorus and other nutrients, resulting in long-term bone deformation and rotation of the knee dislocation caused by improper force, can be rectified only by external pressure.

This product uses Neoprene polymeric fibers (diving fabric) and high-elastic Lycra (spandex) hand-sewing.
You can easily stretch binding force on the human body is very small. Independent leg bundle design, and not the legs tied together, entirely without prejudice to walk. Therefore, the correction can walk!


Usage: When using this product wear, there are two ways, O-leg or X-leg wear methods. O-type legs when worn first legs crossed at the knees from wear into the middle, wear foot stretch at stereotypes, try setting at the foot wear tight, when fixed, as Figure 5 two belts fit waist, to be elastic fixed, like the proper intensity, not widening tight. The method of X-type legs in the same token, when you wear a knee in the first step, in turn cross to wear, then Figure 7 threading.



a, pregnant women and children under 6 years of age is disabled
b, moderate appropriate tightness, not brute force bundle
c. continuous use time is preferably 15-20 minutes, two times a day to
a, avoid direct sunlight, store in a cool place
b, not too folded, not weight
c, iron
a, hand, not brute force rub
b, please use neutral detergent
c, the water temperature should be below 40 degrees Celsius
d, non-exposure, not wring dry naturally

Product range :

   S   = 100cm ---- 140cm People use

   M  = 140cm ---- 160cm People use

   L   = 160cm ---  180cm  People use



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