Portable RF Importer EMS Skin Care Beauty Equipment Promotes Beauty Essence Into The Skin Suitable For Beauty Salons

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RF EMS Meso Nano Injector Gun

1. Anti-wrinkle.
2. Face lifting.
3. Improve skin care product absorption.
4. Moisturizing.
5. Anti-aging.
6. Reduce acne.

1. RF + EMS technology.
2. No needle, no pain.
3. Nearly for all skin types.

Micro-particle injector
The ultra-high-speed airflow passes through the particle generator to instantly decompose nutrients into hundreds of millions of fine particles, and then accelerates the nutrient particles to supersonic speed through the particle accelerator, instantly breaking through the skin barrier and delivering nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin.

Bionic clip
Through physical enhancement technology to activate the metabolism of cells, live clips can “knead” to awaken skin active substances, stimulates collagen production, elastic fibers and acid to produce themselves, make skin firmer, strengthen micro-circulation in the body and increase metabolism. It eliminates facial edema, promotes the discharge of deep toxins, mobilizes cell activity, activates sleeping cells, relieves eye fatigue and makes eye skin firmer, smoother and fuller.

Attention matter
1. Avoid the device in high humidity environment.
2. Avoid the device sunlight exposure.
3. Please regularly to check the machine and components.
4. It is normal that the skin become reddish after operation, usually fade within 1 week.
5. Skin shall not touch water within 6 hours after operation, BB cream can be applied after 2 days and makeup can be used after 4 days.
6. Do not eat any spicy, simulating or deep-pigment food within 1 week.
7. Please protect skin from sunlight after operation.
8. Do not take spa or hot spring bath or swim within 1 week after operation.
9. The device should be placed in a ventilated and dry place.
10. The device should be covered with a dust-proof cover when it is not used.

1. Sensitive skin, severe acne.
2. Who with electromagnetic implantable medical device.
3. Severe diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
4. Who has skin contagion disease.

Product name: EMS Mesotherapy Injection Gun
Size: 350* 150*170(mm)
Gw: 5kg
Functions: EMS+RF+water light introduction
Applicable place: Beauty salon+skin management center+studio+home use
Voltage: 110-240V 50-60Hz
(Send the corresponding power plug according to your country.)

Mesotherapy Gun
Mesotherapy Gun
Mesotherapy Gun
Mesotherapy Gun
Mesotherapy Gun
Mesotherapy Gun
Mesotherapy Gun
Mesotherapy Gun
Mesotherapy Gun
Mesotherapy Gun
Mesotherapy Gun
Mesotherapy Gun
Mesotherapy Gun
Mesotherapy Gun


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