1/20HP 1/10HP 1/4HP 1/2HP Hailea Aquarium Water Chiller HC series Power Water Cooler Thermostat Marine Coral Reef Hydroponics.

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Product Name:Hailea chiller

1. Haley chiller size and how to reduce the noise of the noise.The domestic water chiller noise is a small one, compared to other brands of domestic chillers, it's cost-effective, sales are also good. Of course, it certainly cannot be placed in the bedroom, that would affect the rest, in order to reduce the noise of the chiller is usually placed in the living room cabinet or balcony as much as possible, but also pay attention to the problem of heat dissipation in between chillers and other goods clearance. This can be as much as possible to avoid the influence of noise.

2. Haley chiller can be reduced to much degree of water tank.As long as the choice of the appropriate chiller power, under normal circumstances is to reach the temperature of fish can meet the temperature requirements, but more reduced, he spends the time will be longer, according to the manufacturers said, as long as the choice of appropriate and chiller tank water temperature can be as low as 4 degrees (4 degrees lower than oh).

3. Haley chiller power consumption or power much.One day this to consider how much electricity consumption to your tank size and compressor working time (= electricity machine power * time * per kilowatt hour price), which has a great influence on power consumption time at room temperature and water tank size of the chiller capacity. Asking the water cooler how much electricity it consumes in the day is like asking how many stars there are in the sky.

4. power Haley chiller selected big and small. What are the advantages and disadvantages.The power of the chiller is large, and the cooling speed is faster. It may cause frequent start-up of the chiller. The solution is to change the flow rate of the pump to improve the frequent startup of the chiller.The power of the chiller is smaller, the cooling rate will be slower, and it may not reach the temperature you require.

5. Haley cooling water machine warranty, repair rate and how to repair.Cold water machines are 1 years warranty, repair rate is very low, before shipment, we will test the quality of chillers. If the chiller is broken, you can go to the local maintenance of the air conditioning to repair, because the principle of water chiller and air conditioning is the same. If the mail can't fix the damaged parts to us, please contact us before mailing it's product quality problems on freight within 1.7 days, the seller is responsible for round-trip express freight by us. 2, the quality problem of 7 days -1 months in need of repair or replacement, send the buyer freight. The seller should bear the freight within 3 months and 1 months. The quality problems need to be repaired or replaced within -12 months, and the buyer will bear the freight.

6. cold water machine pay attention to some problems,The position of the a backup pipe is opened in the rectangular picture below the power plug of the water cooler, and it can be seen,B sealing rubber plug connector nut lamp accessories due to the manufacturer's instructions are all types of instructions inside him about some parts not every type of cold water machine have, the type and number of different types of chillers and his accessories will be different. The concrete object is the standard C cold water machine which has water or oil this is because manufacturers will test the water cooling machine is working properly so there must be oil and water before packaging, over a period of time will be good, so before use to see if there are no oil to oil use is not to say that the chiller is used we guarantee that the new genuine fake a penalty three this should pay special attention to.

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