15KW Induction Heater Induction Heating Machine Metal Smelting Furnace High Frequency Welding Metal Quenching Equipment

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Operating Voltage: 220V
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Name: High Frequency Induction Heater

Model: HH-15KW

Voltage: 220V/110V (optional)

Maximum power: 15KW

Frequency: 30-100KHZ

Cooling water pressure: >0.2MPa 2-5L/Min

Inlet water temperature: <40℃

Net weight: 21KG

Machine size: 460*200*385mm

Applications: Welding, hot forging, hot fitting, quenching, melting, etc

Package Included:

15KW Induction Heater*1


1. All solid state, using power device MOSFET, automatic frequency tracking

2. High frequency, fast heating speed, more energy saving

3. Safe and durable, adjustable and easy to operate


The machine needs to dissipate heat through water. The simple

method is: water pump + water tank (please prepare them by yourself);

stainless steel water pump is recommended for the water pump.

Please purchase a 100-200L capacity for the water tank nearby;

it can also be equipped with a 1P chiller


Please note:

1. Voltage can be customized;

2. In the process of product upgrade, the appearance will be slightly changed, We will default to send the latest version, thank you~

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