2021 Latest CDT Co2 Carboxy System Therapy Machine For Eye Wrinkle And Injection Stretch Marks Removal CDT Carboxytherapy Inject

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CDT Carboxytherapy Machine is a high quality and medical device to perform aesthetic and medical carboxytherapy treatments. This impressive miniaturized CO2 mesotherapy equipment has been designed to treat stretchmarks, wrinkles, skin laxity as well as many other aesthetic disorders.It is also a tool to treat microvascularization diseases, ischemic diseases and improve ulcer healing.Fully portable. Built to be a thin pen for an easy and comfortable gesture. With no electronic. Using independant small medical grade CO2 cartridges It can be also be seen as the most robust device even seen with very few servicing operations.

Carboxytherapy has also been used in the medical field for over 80 years, in Angiology, Phlebology, Endocrinology, and Dermatology to treat diseases: ischemic lower limbs pathologies, diabete ulcers, microvascularization diseases (Raynaud phenomenon ...). Carboxytherapy has also been used recently on Psoriasis disease with interesting results

Group 1 is dealing with fat/cellulite. 
Group 2 is targeting collagen, blood flow and skin oxygenation.

Schematically fat indications require deep injections: subcutaneous injections

Good price CO2 cartridge carboxy therapy machine carboxytherapy for face/stretch marks treatments equipment

CDT Carboxytherapy Machine is composed of 3 main parts:
1. The head hiding the brain of the system with a specific valve and a pressure regulator to lower the pressure to 2 or 3 bars so you can inject with safety. Version 2 has a special security valve to limit over pressure and improve patient`s safety.
2. The body hiding the the CO2 cartridge which as to be replaced when empty. These cartridges can deliver up to 6 liters of medical CO2. This is enough to get a 50 min continuous autonomy at 120 cc/min.
(Exemple: over 10 abdomens sessions for stretchmarks per cartridge at 120 cc/min, over 200 eye dark circles per cartridge at 30cc/min) The release control button helps on saving gas.
3. The pressure meter which is removable once pressure has been checked.

Blood vessels removal, Anti-Puffiness,Pore Remover, Face Lift, Pigment removal, Pigmentation Correctors, Skin Tightening Anti-hair removal,Lightening, Cellulite Reduction, Acne Treatment, Skin Rejuvenation, Moisturizer,Dark Circles, Breast Enhances, Wrinkle Remover, Weight loss

Indications of CO2 therapy:
Aesthetic indications can be divided in 2 main groups:
Schematically fat indications require deep injections: subcutaneous injections and rejuvenation indications need superficial intradermal injections.
Injection rate
Treatment process
Treatment time
Injection volume
2-3 times/week
2-3 times/weeK
Skin rejuvenation
1 time/2-4 weeks
separation of 1-2cm
Stretch marks
1 time/month
skin isolated

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