HD Digital Skin Analyzer Professional Hair Scalp Camera Detector Hair Follicle Oil Moisture Test Device 15inch Skin Tester

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Eight functions
1. New upgrade
2. HD detection
3. Photo freeze frame
4. Picture storage
5. Comparison before and after
6. Scalp test
7. Hair follicle test
8. Hair test
9. Skin test

Product parameters
Product Name: skin and hair detector
Model: BD-152A
Image number: 1000W
Accessories: 15 inch display / handle probe
Material: ABS resin
Power: 25W
Rated voltage: 100-240V
Magnification: 50 / 200 times
Gross weight: 3.5kg
Instrument size: 35x28x4cm
Package size: 45x35 × 15cM

Product features:
1. Save picture / quad
Freeze frame 4 screen picture comparison
2. Four screens are displayed in the same box
Comparison before and after nursing
3. Large capacity USB flash disk storage
It can store tens of thousands of customer detection pictures
4. HD three lens
UV light detection

Product packaging
15 inch HD display * 1
50X lens (white light) * 1
50X lens (UV light) * 1
200X lens (white light) * 1
Detection handle * 1
Power adapter * 1
Instrument package * 1

Send the corresponding power plug according to your country.

Three kinds of lens hair detection
50X white light, 50X UV light, 200X white light
1. 50X epidermis
Scalp surface: white light
Detect dry hair, damaged hair pulp and damaged external force of hair
Detect skin oil secretion, color spots and white head acne

2. 200X sebum layer
Scalp sebum layer: white light
Detect hair follicle blockage, hair follicle keratosis, oily scalp, scalp eczema, scalp inflammation, etc

3.50X sebum layer
Scalp sebum layer: UV light
Detect hair follicle blockage, chemical residue, dandruff and tinea



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