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Work Principle:
Fractional RF needle system has the special design of many fractional needle point array, the high speed digital motor controls orderly through the epidermis and dermis to accurate depth 0.2-3.5mm.
The end of lattice gold coated needles will release RF energy; strongly stimulate collagen and elastic tissues without any burning damages to the epidermal layer. The RF energy can well penetrate into the dermis layer, stimulate regeneration of collagen, soften, contract and decompose local fat tissues, so as to achieve long-term effects of skin lifting, wrinkle removal and scars improvement.


1. Improve the pore, scar, deep wrinkles, acne, pigmentation,
2. It increases skin collagen elasticity, improves wrinkles.
3. Smoothen skin, tighten pores.
4. With least pain, and provide accurate energy.
5. Minimally invasive to skin
6. RF direct penetration to the target area, in order to obtain sufficient effect.
7. Scar removal - including reduce acne scars
8. Suitable for stretch marks, anti aging, anti-wrinkle therapy, hair restoration, excessive pigmentation treatment

Name: Fractional RF Microneedle Machine
Frequency: 40.68MHz
Power: 350W
Treatment Area: Face& Neck & Eye
Treatment Tips: Soft needle+ NANO Needles
Needle depth: 0.2-2mm
Voltage: 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz

Package includes:
1 x Machine
1 x Power Supply
1 x Handle
1 x 10 pins
1 x 25 pins
1 x 64 pins
1 x Nano Chip



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