New 2 in 1 EMS Eye Face Vibration Massager Portable Electric Dark Circle Removal Anti-Ageing Eye Wrinkle Beauty Care Tool

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When the biological current acts on the skin, it increases the activity of skin cells, accelerates the metabolism, and rapidly decomposes the inactive pigment cells on the skin so as to eliminate dark circles. At the same time will stimulate the epidermal layer of biological electric current into the dermis, so as to achieve firming skin, fade fine lines, improve contour, and so on.

Usage method:

1.Clean eye around before using the machine(If you have make up , you need to use make up remover to remove the make up then use facial cleanser to clean )
2. Connect the power cable, There is a round button above the power supply. It is the button to open the intelligent orgainc eye system (CLIP) and biological current (EMS), press these 2 buttons and hold for 2 seconds or more seperatly to turn off the machine.
3. CLIP has 3 frequency adjustments, L is low speed, M is medium speed, H is high speed, It shows L low speed when open the machine, You can press the round button to adjust the speed.Biological current (EMS)share the same adjustment, The light will always blink when the micro current at the time of output.

4. During the treatment , put the eye essence on the treatment area, it is recommended to add essence immediately when essence has been absorbed. It is recommended to apply a little bit of force to the skin during operation.Operate in a uniform lifting speed.
5. Using wet wipe to wipe off the remaining essence on the probe after using the instrument.
6.No need to clean eye around after treatment,Can apply eye mask or not after treatment (It is not recommended to clean eyes with hot water ,warm or cold water can do. )

This product is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease
Konmison is specialized in beauty machine and provide many kinds beauty service: wrinkle removal, blackhead removal, face cleaning, breast enlargement, weight loss, hair removal, face lifting, acne removal, skin rejuvenation, spot/mole removal and so on. In order to achieve these service effects, it usually adopt technology, such as RF, Cavitation, Fat freezing, ultrasonic, LED light, EMS, micro-current. It improves the beauty of the whole body if you want. Everyone loves beauty. Our company’s beauty machine service can satisfy your many kinds of beauty demands. Help you build healthy and beautiful body and life.

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