2L gas fogger fogging machine for hospital thermal fogger machine Fumigation disinfection mosquito/pest control portable 2000

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2L gas atomizer atomizer hospital thermal atomizer fumigation disinfection mosquito/pest portable

The pulse thermal smoke generator has reasonable structure, light weight, no noise, and convenient operation. When spraying, the liquid is completely atomized, and the particle size of the spray is less than 50 microns. The sprayed medicine can spread in the working area for a long time, the deposition reaches all directions, the penetration is strong, there is no blind spot, and the insecticidal and sterilization effect is good.

It is mainly used for fumigation control in public places such as residences, restaurants, shops, warehouses, teaching communities, hospitals, etc. It is widely used in health and epidemic prevention departments, military bases, greenhouses, etc. It can quickly kill outdoor gardens, insects, mosquitoes, etc., and prevent epidemic prevention operations.


Product name: Electric ultra-low pressure spraying machine
Capacity: 2L
Size: 490*170*350mm
Gas used: Butane gas General 220 g butane gas tank
Net weight: 1.4 kg
Particle size: 5-30PM
Fuel: Butane (220G fuel tank)
Cigarette generation: Cigarette generation or 0#diesel
Starting method: piezoelectric ceramic ignition ignition

Detailed description
(2) Ultra-light weight, easy to carry (3) Ultra-fine nozzles, reducing liquid waste
(4) Extra large smog, only a small amount of liquid medicine is needed in a large area (5) The fuel is canned butane gas, no motor, no noise
(6) Special coke cleaning device to prevent blockage of oil circuit
Gift items
(7) Comes with a shoulder strap for easy carrying and operation

packing list:

1 set of electric ultra-low pressure spraying machine

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