2s-24s Automatic Equalizer for Lipo/Lifepo4/LTO 1.5-4.5V Intelligent Equalizer Battery Discharge Balancer Maintenance/Repair

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  • Name: 2~24S Battery Automatic Balancer
  • Voltage: 100-240V
  • Versions: Chinese / English (optional)
  • Scope of Application: Lithium battery pack factory, electric vehicle repair shop, personal lithium battery DIY


Package Included:

  1. 2~24S Battery automatic balancer
  2. 400mm Test cable
  3. Transfer board
  4. 12V Power adapter



  • A1: Chinese version
    • Appearance Color: Blue
    • Language System: English, Chinese (switchable)
  • A2: English version
    • Appearance Color: Silver white
    • Language System: English



  1. Support 2~24 series lithium battery pack.
  2. Support ternary lithium, lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate.
  3. Constant resistance 1 ohm discharge balance, large balance current; ternary lithium up to 4A, lithium iron phosphate up to 3A.
  4. Display the voltage of each string, the total voltage, the highest string voltage, the lowest string voltage, the maximum voltage difference of the battery pack, the average voltage, the balance voltage, and the number of battery strings.
  5. Automatically identify the number of strings and equalize voltage, easy to use.
  6. After the equalization is completed, it will automatically stop, and an alarm sound will occur, indicating that the equalization is completed.
  7. Support 1.5V~4.5V battery, automatic alarm, and display when the voltage exceeds the range.
  8. Automatic alarm prompt for reverse connection.
  9. Reverse connection protection, overvoltage (greater than 4.5V), low voltage (less than 1.5V) protection functions.
  10. The time to complete an equalization is incomparable to the power supply equalization and the energy transfer equalization. Among the three balance methods (supplementary balance, energy transfer balance, and discharge balance), discharge balance is safer and more efficient.

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