450W Pulse Type Tire Slotting Machine Tire Rubber Engraving Truck Car Rubber Tire Slotting Electric Rubber Cutting Sculpture

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450W Pulse Type Tire Slotting Machine Tire Rubber Engraving Truck Car Rubber Tire Slotting Electric Rubber Cutting Sculpture

Three generations of digital display pulse engraving machine
Input power: 220V+-10v/50Hz
Output power: 450W
Knife holder handle: 300*200X70mm
Packing size: 250*350*300
Operation mode: manual
Output temperature: 600°C
Wire length: 1800mm
Comes with 5 blades

The function of tire engraving machine:
It is to increase the friction between the tread and the road surface to prevent the wheels from slipping, which is exactly the same as the sole pattern. The tire pattern improves the grounding elasticity of the tread. Under the action of tangential forces (such as driving force, braking force and lateral force) between the tread and the road surface, the pattern blocks can produce large tangential elastic deformation. The tangential force increases, and the tangential As the deformation increases, the ''friction effect'' of the contact surface is also enhanced, thereby inhibiting the tendency of the tread and the road to slip or slip. This is to a large extent
To a large extent, the disadvantage of non-pattern (smooth tread) tires that are easy to slip is eliminated, so that the car performance related to the friction performance between the tire and the road surface - power, braking, steering maneuverability and driving safety can be played normally. a reliable guarantee. Studies have shown that the factors that produce friction between the tread and the road surface also include the adhesion between the two surfaces, the molecular gravitational force, and the micro-cutting effect of the small-scale rain and asperity on the tread surface, etc. However, it plays a major role. What is still the elastic deformation of the pattern block.
Product Instructions
1. Check whether the power supply meets the standard voltage of the machine 220V.
2. Please place the machine in a stable place.
3. Turn on the power of the host and see if the work indicator light is on. The temperature adjustment switch is adjusted to half, and the voltage gear is adjusted to the third or fourth gear (the average gear is the third gear)
4. The blade should not be dry-burned (when using it, the knife should not be exposed to redness, otherwise the blade will be easily damaged), that is, the depth of carving is the same as the depth of the exposed part of the fixed knife.
5. When installing the blade, the copper head contact points of the two clamping pieces must not be connected together. Otherwise, the host is easy to be damaged.
6. When operating the machine, hold the handle and press down on the position of the front blade. For about three to five seconds, the blade will burn red, that is, power on (be careful to release the handle immediately, it is easy to burn out for a long time).
7. When working, in the process of cutting rubber, do not push forward too hard, but push forward evenly. At this time, according to your usage, you can adjust the appropriate voltage gear (shift switch) and temperature gear. . Usually it is not recommended to adjust to the maximum value.
Precautions: .
1. When unplugging the plug, be sure to hold the plug, and never pull the power cord.
2. Do not place heavy objects on the power supply, and do not let the power cord be squeezed
3. If the power cord is damaged, in order to avoid danger, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its maintenance department or similar professional personnel.
4. Do not use wet hands to plug and unplug the power plug, so as not to plug and unplug the power plug.
5. Do not plug or unplug the power plug where there is a gas leak.
6. 'Use a standard reliable AC grounded outlet.

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