5 in 1 Electric Face Washing Cleansing Brushes Massage Rotary Body Facial Dead Skin Cuticle Cleanser Home Spa Beauty Care Device

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Operation method
1. Connect the power supply matched with the instrument;
2. The brush gun plug is connected with the output of the main brush machine;
3. Turn on the working switch of the brush gun, adjust the strength knob with the nature of the skin, and control the rotation force of the brush;
4. Set the frequency of the gun back transmission according to the customer's skin property, press the direction change switch to carry out the operation of left transmission or right transmission. After the brush is used, please wipe it with sponge.
5. If you need to change the brush during use, please turn off the working start of the brush gun first, and then change the brush;

6. Type and position of brush:
(1) Large brush: for face, forehead and chin;
(2) Small brush: used for eyes, around mouth and nose and nose;
(3) Sponge brush: for sensitive skin;
(4) Small stone: used for exfoliating or very rough skin


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