7 Color PDT LED Red Light Therapy Machine Multifunctional Beauty Equipment Face Skin Rejuvenation Hydra Facial Acne Wrinkle LED Facial SPA Light Led Lamp

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PDT Skin Rejuvenation Apparatus is a beauty instrument for facial comprehensive skin management SPA. The product design includes six functions of PDT, RF, BIO, COOLING HEAD, SCRUBBER, SPRAY HANDLE, designed for skin management. The instrument has the effect of moisturizing, delicate and rejuvenating the skin, making the skin dry, desquamated, dull and pale, Rough skin no longer. It can play a role in moisturizing and rejuvenating skin, whitening, wrinkle-reducing and anti-aging. It is an ideal skin management beauty instrument.

Operation range
1. Acne, seborrheic alopecia, folliculitis, clear mites, clear skin allergens.
2. Skin whitening, improve skin dullness, dark yellow, improve skin texture. 
3. Deeply cleanse the skin while hydrating and nourishing it.
4. Remove blackheads, improve skin relaxation, narrow pores, increase skin transparency.
5. Preoperative and postoperative care for exfoliative skin reconstruction and non-exfoliative skin reconstruction.
6. Skin shaping and firming, shrink pores and improve double chin.


Voltage input
110-240V 50-60Hz
We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.
1.skin scrubber
2. Spray gun
3. BIO
4. Bipolar RF
5.cool handle
Type of the light source
LED gene-type biologic wave light
Red light wavelength
640nm ± 10nm
Blue light wavelength
470nm ± 10nm
Yellow light wavelength
590nm ± 10nm
Green light wavelength
525nm ± 10nm
Temperature of the circumstance
Relative of humidity
Packing size
Packing box
Carton within foams
PDT led Light Therapy Machine
PDT led Light Therapy Machine
PDT led Light Therapy Machine

Instrument principle introduction

PDT skin renewal equipment is a beauty equipment for facial comprehensive skin management spa. The product design includes six functions: PDT, RF, BIO, cooling head, scrubber, and spray handle. It is specially designed for skin management. The instrument has moisturizing, tender, and rejuvenating effects on the skin, so that the skin is no longer dry, peeling, dull, and pale , Rough, is an ideal moisturizing, whitening wrinkle, anti-aging skin management and beauty tools.

PDT photodynamics is also called photodynamic therapy, and photodynamics is also called "magic light", which is a biological activity. Cold light, does not produce high temperature, uses low-energy pure light and touch light adjustment technology to care and operate the skin, harmonious with natural temperature, significant curative effect, low risk, no side effects, etc., is a skin care expert, suitable for all kinds of skin, especially for Severe allergic skin and acne-prone skin have good effects in rehabilitation and prevention of sub-health.

PDT photodynamic care treatment is the latest technology that uses the dynamic response of light to maintain and manipulate the skin. Converted into intracellular energy, accelerate cell growth, accelerate blood circulation, stimulate fibrous tissue to produce collagen, increase skin elasticity, pay attention to repairing aging skin, acne skin, reduce spots, improve firmness, and relieve sunburned skin and many more.


Bubble cleaner handle : (with 8 tips)
First clean skin with Bubble cleaner handle. Suck skin from middle to both sides, slide quickly, do not stay too long. For sensitive skin, use flat tip and Vortex tip. For Large pores and T zone, use the tip with matte surface.

Micro-electric therapy handle
BIO face lifting, Increase cell permeability, help body better absorption of nutrients and water, oxygenated blood. enhance collagen synthesis level, reduce wrinkles, So that the skin is more soft, flexible and shiny.

RF Radio Frequency handle
Open the pores, positioning tissue heating, open the pores to promote subcutaneous collagen contraction and taut, relieve wrinkles, produce new collagen, the skin will be more compact later.

Ultrasound handle
The Ultrasound import products deep Into subcutaneous tissues. promote microcirculation and skin renewal. Products can be penetrate deep into the skin, speed up absorption.

Ice repair handle
Ice repair handle can froze skin, shrink pores, the ice energy can penetrate from epidermis to deep skin, instantly promote strong contraction of skin pores, thus a layer of natural freezing mask is formed in the skin surface to lock nutrition facts.

Import spray gun
Put the product into a glass bottle, extract the oxygen with a concen-tration of only 21% in the air, com-press it to become an oxygen active factor with a purity of more than 95% by a molecular filter with special technology, and then re-lease it under a pressure of 0.2 Pa to make the product mist The chemical is directly released at the required part, so that the skin can better absorb it and activate the introduction of cellular nutrients.

PDT led Light Therapy Machine
PDT led Light Therapy Machine

Red light: wavelength of 640nm, whitening and rejuvenating, anti-aging, strong repair, accelerating cell metabolism, and promoting protein and collagen synthesis;
Blue light: The wavelength is 415nm, which sterilizes and reduces inflammation, activates cells, and purifies the skin;
Purple light: The wavelength of 1055nm is a dual-frequency light of red and blue light, which can treat acne and repair acne marks;
Yellow light: wavelength is 1171nm; stimulates microcirculation, decomposes pigments, and promotes lymphatic drainage;
Green light: The wavelength is 531nm; it balances pigments, reduces fine lines, and nourishes aging skin;
Cyan light: 500nm wavelength can increase cell energy step by step and promote metabolism;
White light: The wavelength is 1586nm, penetrates the deep layer of the skin, accelerates the metabolism of active tissues, breaks down stains, improves fine lines and relaxes the skin
Suggested course of treatment: 1 time every 3 days, 15 minutes each time.

Packing list:
1 X Main machine
1 X PDT LED mask
1 X Import Sprray Gun
1 X BIO handle
1 X RF handle
1 X ICY handle
1 X Skin Scrubber handle
1 X Power cord
1 X Key

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