8G Quantum Resonance Magnetic Japanese Technology Body Analyzer Machine for Full Body Check Up 49 Reports

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8G Quantum Resonance Magnetic Japanese Technology Body Analyzer Machine for Full Body Check Up

BENEFITS: Determines the current health of organs and predicts their well being for the future.Help to uncover the onset of major diseases, which can assist in early treatment and maintenance.Provides complete and full health reports, explained in a practical, simple and inexpensive way.Offers health results quickly, respects clients confidentiality with features that are easy and simple to utilize.Upgradable Feature available.Japan Technology.

INSTRUCTIONS OF USE: Open the device and take out the CD given inside.Then install the CD on your laptop or computer. After the CD is installed then insert the USB Key given with the device into your laptop or computer. Connect the one end of the blue wire to your laptop or computer and connect the second end to your device. Fill the details required.Connect the rod to the device and hold the rod.Quantum Body Analyzer is ready to use.

Packaging Details: Box Packing, 1 X USB Lock Key, 1 X USB Wire, 1 X Software CD, 1 X Handle with Wire.

8th Generation Quantum Machine 40 TO 49 Reports Quantum Resonance Magnetic Health Analyzer Problems detects by Quantum Health Analyzer:
1. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular 
2. Gastrointestinal function 
3. Liver function 
4. Gallbladder function 
5. Pancreatic function 
6. Kidney function 
7. Lung function 
8. Brain nerve 
9. Bone disease 
10. Bone mineral density 
11. Rheumatoid bone disease 
12. Blood sugar 
13. Basic physical quality 
14. Human toxin 
15. Trace element 
16. Heavy Metals 
17. Amino Acid 
18. Endocrine System 
19. Immune System 
20. Prostate 
21. Male sexual function 
22. Skin 
23. Eye 
24. Allergen 
25. Vitamin 
26. Obesity 
27. Bone Growth Index 
28. Coenzyme 
29. Sperm and semen 
30. Blood lipids 
31. Menstrual cycle 
32. Element of human 
33. Gynecology 
34. Breast
35. Channels and collaterals 
36. Pulse of heart and brain 
39. Blood lipids 
40. Collagen 
42. Test report with Expert Advice (Comprehensive Report) 
43. Thyroid function 
44. Large intestine function 
45. ADHD

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