Air Conditioning Drain Pump HVAC Condensate Removal Water Pump with 600ml Storage Tank AC110‑240V 100L/H

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Conditioning Drain Pump HVAC Condensate Removal Water Pump with 600ml Storage Tank AC110‑240V 100L/H


1. 0.6L WATER TANK: The condensate pump is equipped with a 0.6L water tank, which is sufficient to accommodate the amount of water that needs to be discharged from the ice maker, the water rate reaches 100L/H, ensuring efficient drainage.
2. STABLE OPERATION: The water pump adopts 5W motor and operates with low noise of 22 decibels, which will not disturb your daily life, the ventilation hole dissipates heat quickly, and the shock absorption foot reduces noise and enhances its stability.
3. AUTOMATIC FUNCTION: The condensate removal pump is designed with automatic operation and stop function, with 25mm inlet and 10mm outlet. When the water reaches the lower probe, it will start working, and when it is full of water, it will trigger self drainage.
4. WATER LEVEL SENSOR: 2 wires can be directly connected to the HVAC device to achieve a security switch. When the sensor detects a high water level, the switch will be triggered and automatically shut down the device to prevent water overflow.
5. APPLICABLE RANGE: This automatic condensate drainage pump is very suitable for commercial ice makers, conditioners, , dehumidifiers, etc., used in homes, beverage stores, offices, shopping malls, etc.


Item Type:Condensate Pump
Model:QS 100L
Maximum Lift:Approx. 2 meter / 6.6ft
Maximum Rate:100L/H
Water Storage Tank Capacity:0.6L
Inlet Outer Diameter:Approx. 25mm / 1in
Outlet Outer Diameter:Approx. 10mm / 0.4in
Noise:22 Decibels
Operation Level:Non Continuity
Applicable Power:15kw (1P-5P)

How to Use:

1. Turn off the power supply2. There are 2 water inlets to choose from, one on the top of the pump and one on the left side of the pump. Please choose a suitable drainage outlet to connect. The outer diameter of the water inlet is 20mm3. Fix the installation plate in a suitable position (inside the accessory package)4. Connect the drainage pipe of the system to the inlet of the drainage pump, connect the drainage port of the drainage pump with a plastic pipe with an outer diameter of 9mm and an inner diameter of 6mm, and fix it with a tie (the tie is included in the accessory package)5. The drainage device cannot be installed inside the  conditioning ( conditioning) host or inside the power circuit box.6. After the system is connected correctly, ensure that the drainage pump is powered on, run the  conditioner, and observe whether the drainage pump is working properly. If the pump cannot operate normally, the system will automatically cut off the power supply. Please contact qualified maintenance personnel for repair.

Package List:

1 x Condensate Pump

2 x Tubes

2 x Ties


1. Before performing any operation, please ensure that the power supply of the drainage pump is turned off2. Must be used with water supply, do not run without water3. To prevent leakage, the drainage pump is prohibited from being used in swimming pools or submerged in water4. Please ensure that the side of the float with the magnet always faces upwards and that the sink is placed smoothly5. The drainage pump can be used in most work and living environments, but it is not recommended to use it in greasy and dirty environments6. Only suitable for indoor use7. Cannot be used as a submersible pump

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