Muslim Watch for Prayer with Qibla Compass Adhan Alarm Hijri Calendar Islamic Al Harameen Fajr Time Wristwatch Arabic Clock

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Azan times for most cities around the world with Qibla direction.

Time can be display in 12 hours (AM/PM) or 24 hours, Automatic Daylight saving time option.

Hijri and Gregorian calendar with day week.

Two languages (English and Arabic).

Water resistant(waterproof).

Automatic Qibla direction.

Show on your own name.


Daily alarms.

Moon age.


DST(Daylight Save Time)

Muslim Watch


Type: Digital, Fashion, Luxury, Sport

Feature: Alarm, Auto Date, Chronograph, Complete Calendar, Day/Date, Water Resistant

Material: Plastic+Silcone/Genuine Leather

Gender: Unisex

Style: Prayer, Sport

Function: Azan Time

Case material: Plastic

Product name: Azan Watch

Band material: Silcone & Genuine Leather Strap Optional

Muslim Watch



This feature is used to record the last Sura name and Verse number you have reached in reading the Qur'an

*Nine system taqweem programmed in clock

We uses the local taqweem or the most widely used taqweem system for your city. Other standard taqweem systems are available, as follows:

*(DF) Local taqween

• (H) Selection Hanafi method for ASR

• F: 15 Umm al-Qura taqweem

• F: 18 Umm al-Qura taqweem

• F: 19 Umm al-Qura taqweem

• 18.17 Muslim World League (Muslim League)

• 19:17 Egyptian taqweem (Egypt)

• 18: 18 University of Science Islamic in Karachi (Hanafi taqweem)

• 15:15 Union Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

• 1:30 fixed time

Fajr time is determined as a fixed interval of time before shrooq time. Isha time is determined as a fixed interval of time after Magrib azan. This system is used in Northern Europe.

*Following Iqamah  (Rest time to pray)

Following Iqamah with two ways as below:

1. If you set minutes to Iqamah ,the watch will account rest time to Iqamah from the minutes you set to 0 .

2. If you don’t set minutes to Iqamah,the watch will account the minutes after azan from 0 to 30 .

*Automatic Iqamah  alarm for all prayer

This unique feature remind you every day exactly at the same time relative to azan time. For example, suppose you set the pray alarm to 12:15 PM and the ZUHR  azan is at 12:00 PM. On the next day, if ZHUR azan time becomes 12:01 PM, then automatically this alarm will change to 12:16 PM. In this case, you will wake up 15 minutes after ZHUR azan time every day.

Muslim Watch

*Daily alarms

Alarm 1 and alarm 2 ,this two daily alarms are  a regular alarm that rings at the same time everyday.

*Qibla direction

Qibla direction (relative to the North) can be displayed.

Qibla angle will also be displayed between 0 and 360 degree, clockwise from North.

*Hijri and gregorian calendars :

Gregorian or Hijri calendar can be displayed.

The Hijri calendar follows the Gregorian date and is based on the astronomical moon sighting at Mecca.

*EL back light

*Time Display option as 12 (am/pm) or 24 hours

*Could easily add a new city(Longitude & Longitude&GMT information)

*Daylight Saving Time option ( for countries using this system )

Muslim Watch


Muslim WatchMuslim Watch

Muslim WatchMuslim Watch


Main Munue of the Watch

Muslim Watch

Muslim Watch


1x Prayer Watch

1x Original Box

1x Warranty Card

1x User Manual in Arabic and English

Muslim Watch


Q: Azan times are not correct ?

A: Make sure you have correctly set the following : a)city&country   b)Gregorian calendar   c)Daylight  saving time option  d) Taqweem system(azan time calculation methods)

Q:How can I set the watch to beep 10 minutes before Magrib azan everyday ?

A: Suppose today's Magrib azan is at 6:00 PM. Set Magrib alarm reminder to 5:50 PM.

( see  Setting prayer alarms  in the user's guide ). After this initial setting, Magrib reminder will be automatically adjusted everyday to beep 10 minutes before the azan.

Note : You can set reminder for any prayer for a fixed interval before or after azan time.

Q: I want to adjust the watch on my city, but I did not find the cities within the "List of cities"?

A:  Look for your city in the  website , and if you do not find your city on the website, you can enter the latitude & longitude and time difference of GMT or message us to explaining the name of your city and your country.

Q:  In my city, the time of Fajr Azan is specific of a fixed period of 1:40 before sunrise. In respect of Isha, also is specific of a fixed period of 1:45 after Maghrib time. How do I set this system?

A: First, select fixed 1:30 Taqweem system, refer to Taqweem system and then manually adjust the reserve time of Azan Fajr by 10 minutes and Isha by 15 minutes see safety time setting. Pls. refer to user guide.

Q:  My country uses the system of Daylight saving time (DST). When changing by one hour, how can I re-set the clock?

A: You need to select daylight saving time option (DST on),Daylight saving time information can be found on :  ,pls.refer to user guide.

Q:  Why there is a difference of  one hour in times of prayer "Azan"?

A: Make sure the daylight saving time option (DST on or off),. Pls. refer to user guide

Q: My clock doesn’t play in the proper timing specially Fajr Azan?

A: Make sure that the time is AM or PM when set.

Q: Does the "Qiblah Direction" mean that the arrow refer to the actual direction of the Qiblah, regardless of any direction of the clock?

A: Not like this, the arrow refers to the direction of Qiblah relative to True North. By other meaning, you need to know the direction of the north, and thus you will be able to determine the direction of Qiblah "Mecca".

Q: Is it watch waterproof?

A: Yes, life waterproof grade.

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