Alma Titanium 3200W 755nm 808nm 1064nm Ice Hair Removal Removal Skin Rejuvenation Face Lifting Skin Whitening Machine

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Introducing DK20 Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

A breakthrough hair removal platform that combines ultimate functionality with unparalleled comfort. Thanks to its large spot size and advanced cooling system, treatments are now much faster and pain free – offering a significantly improved solution for patients and practitioners alike. DK20 leverages the benefits of four combined wavelengths, with an improved patient experience and a business-oriented approach, creating a unique and result- driven new solution in the world of professional hair removal.

DK20 3 Wavelength

755nm Alexa Laser
For the widest range of hair types and color. The wavelength offers more powerful energy absorption by the melanin chromophore, making it ideal for the widest range of hair types and color- especially light-colored and thin hair.
With more superficial penetration, the 755nm wavelength targets the Bulge of the hair follicle and is especially effective for superficially embedded hair in areas such as the eyebrows and upper lip.

Speed 808nm Diode Laser Wavelength
Half the treatment time. The classic wavelength in laser hair removal, the 808nm wavelength, offers deep penetration of the hair follicle with high average power, a high repetition rate and a large spot size for fast treatment. 808nm diode laser has a moderate melanin absorption level making it safe for darker skin types. Its deep penetration capabilities target the Bulge and Bulb of the hair follicle while moderate tissue depth penetration makes it ideal for treating the arms, legs, cheeks and beard.

1064nm Nd Yag Laser
Specialized for darker skin types. The Yag 1064 wavelength is characterized by lower melanin absorption, making it a focused solution for darker skin types. At the same time, the 1064nm offers the deepest penetration of the hair follicle, allowing it to target the Bulb and Papilla, as well as treat deeply embedded hair in areas such as the scalp, arm pits and pubic areas. With higher water absorption generating a higher temperature, the incorporation of the 1064nm wavelength increases the thermal profile of the overall laser treatment for most effective hair removal.


5 In 1 Cooling System

① 600w high power TEC semiconductor thermostatic cooler
② High-Power Diaphragm Pump Imported from Germany
③ 6L large capacity transparent acrylic water tank
④ TEC Chip: Achieves Cooling Temperatures of -15 to 5 degrees on the handle
⑤ High-Power Fans from a Renowned Taiwanese Brand
⑥ Sapphire Comfort Body Cooling

System Highlights

1. 3 Wave Laser
2. Dual Handle Save treatment time
3. Max 10Hz handle
4. Precious Gold Welded Stable Construction
4. CE,ROSH for customs clearance


1. Super Sapphire Touch Cooling System ensures a painless and comfortable treatment experience.
2. The water circulation system is imported from Italy, ensuring continuous machine operation for extended periods without interruptions. This system rapidly removes heat to maintain optimal performance.
3. Equipped with double filters to ensure the quality of the water used in the system.
4. Utilizes TEC cooling, Air Cooling, Water Cooling, and Semiconductor cooling technologies to maintain water temperature between 26°C and 28°C throughout the entire treatment duration.
5. Capable of continuous operation for 24 hours.
6. The user-friendly Database system simplifies operation, accommodating various hair colors and skin types, as well as different body parts. This feature ensures the setting of safe parameters, particularly beneficial for new operators.


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