Alternating Pressure Mattress Quiet Inflatable Bed Air Topper for Pressure Ulcer and Pressure Sore with Pump Mattress

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Mattress Specification:

1. Material: PVC 3PLY
2. Thickness:0.3-0.4mm
3. Size:200CM*90CM*5CM( inflated)
4. Design bearing: 150kgs

Low Noise Pump Specification:
1. Size: 24*13*9cm
2. Weight:1.0kgs
3. Voltage: 220V
4. Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
5. Power:10W
6. Pressure range: 15-20kpa ( 115-150mmHg)
7. Air output:4.5-5.5L/minute
8. Cycle time: 10 minutes
9. Controlled by microcomputer

Packing list
1 X Pump
1X Alternating Pressure Mattress

We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.

Massage Principle(Prevent Bedsores) of Alternating Pressure Air Mattress:

The air pump working a circle for 10 minutes:
Inflatable for airbag-A, and deflation for airbag-B at 1st 5 minutes,
then deflation for airbag-A, & Inflatable for airbag-B at 2nd 5 minutes.
Air mattress will be fluctuate, doing body massage to the patients, to reach prevent bedsores effect.

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