Auricular Acupuncture Point Search. Ear Detection Pen. Ear Acupoint Search. for Ear Auriculotherapy Acupressure Earrings

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New High Quality Detector Ear Detection Pen Ear Detector Acupuncture Pen Ear Acupoint Diagnosis for Ear Auriculotherapy




Ear criss-cross the body meridians meridian rendezvous place, with appropriate external body meridians, and down through. When the body lesions occur, they tend to occur in the ear hole area electrical characteristics of certain changes (called positive reflection point), the use of "CLRH-A Ear detector" can identify positive reflection point light display body condition, is the ear auxiliary diagnostic instruments

1, the detector adjusted Preparation: Set the power switch to ON (ON) state detection by the detector with the right hand pinch, right thumb close to the metal electrode, with the index finger sensitivity adjustment dial counterclockwise will roulette turn to the "0" position, ready to start adjusting.
2, adjust the reference point detection: Detection with his left hand thumb, food being tested by the two-finger pinch ear lobe or helix, right hand holding the probe, the probe needle vertical touch being tested by the "upper ear hole," moderate pressure , not too light or too heavy. Observers close to the metal electrodes with the thumb, index finger from "0" bit to start slowly adjust the sensitivity dial clockwise to the yellow light is off, the red light started prevail reference point fine, finger left turntable. (Due to the accuracy of the reference point is directly related to the detection accuracy of the results, in order to protect the more accurate reference point adjustment can be adjusted repeatedly until believed to be accurate so far.)
3, the detection result: more accurate reference point adjustment, the probe's right to keep holding the detector, metal electrodes close to the right thumb, left thumb, food being tested by the two-finger pinch ear lobe or helix, the probe needle being tested by the pinna of the ear zoning action, the pressure should be uniform, and the pressure detection reference point size remains basically the same. Detection angle perpendicular to the skin surface as possible. Probe light is green, it means that the points corresponding to the organ in good condition, bright yellow light that is in a critical state, turns red (and it will alarm) indicate a problem, this point is called positive points, at this point to do the appropriate treatment can significantly improve the outcome.
4, Power Off: After using the power switch off (the power switch to ON (OFF) state).

Test Results:
Green light - good , yellow light - Medium Red light - bad



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