Beauty Star Skin Iron Microcurrent Massager Face Neck Body Massage Anti Wrinkle V-line Face Eye Lifting Skin Tightening Machine

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Skin Iron Microcurrent Massager

6 Main Function:

01.Micro current

The micro current can stimulate skin to contract, balance man’s bio electric field, refine skin and enhance skin self-repairing capability.

02.42℃ smart temp contro

Micro process system---The device will shut off itself in 5 minutes without any operations.

Thermistor ----The thermistor can accurately control the device temp at 42℃.

Bimetallic strip ---When the temp rises to 50℃, the device will shut off itself concerning user’s safety.

03.Ion lead-in

Ion earthing---Hold the device with two hands to form a ion forming circuit.

The positive and negative ion can alternately electrolyze skin care products nutrition, making it easier for skin to absorb and infill the skin with caring energy.

04.LED red light

The red light has a wave length of 630mm which is effective to massage and awake skin

05.Vibration massage

Gental massage to massage and extend your skin.

06.Multiple functions in one device

Specially designed for face and body massage, effective to smoothen sagging skin.


Packing Including:

1xMicro current Skin MassageMachine
1x Device holder
1x Chargingcable
1x Manual






Step 1. Before use this device to massage your face, you are advised to fully massage skin behind ears.

Step 2. To restore neck skin elasticity, during the massaging process, please glide the device from the bottom of the neck to the top.

Step 3. Glide the device from the chin to the front side of ears, similarly, glide the device from inner side of face to the outside .

Step 4. Glide the device on your forehead slowly and gently.


Step 1. Glide the device gently and slowly from your shoulder to oxter.

Step 2. Slowly move the device on your arm.

Step 3. Gently move the device on your abdomen to massage.

Step 4. Glide the device on your pleural region slowly and gently.





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