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scraping instrument negative pressure suction heating cupping instrument

Product principle
This product combines negative pressure suction, magnetic wave principle, fever and blood pressure reduction, acupressure, EMS myoelectric stimulation, far infrared physiotherapy and other functions. It can scrape and suck, absorb acid and dehumidify, relax spirit, regulate function, eliminate fatigue, lose fat and lose weight. The function of tightening the skin is a new generation of health equipment suitable for the family.

Negative pressure gravitation:
A. Aerobic exercise for upward absorption of skin and adipose tissue.
B. Enhanced lymphatic drainage and blood circulation
C. Elimination of toxins through the lymphatic circulation.
D. scraping
E. Cupping

Physical hyperthermia
A. Proliferate dermal collagen by thermal effects.
B. Continuous heat. Relax the nerves and release the pressure.
Magnetic wave therapy
A promotes inflammation and eliminates inflammation, swelling and pain
B. Eliminate fatigue and promote recovery.
EMS micro-electric stimulation
A stimulates the acupuncture points by micro-current, so that the meridians can be opened in an instant, and the purpose of passing through the activity is achieved.
B. The micro-current stimulates the peripheral sensory nerves, shrinking the pores and making the skin more delicate.

Far infrared therapy
A Enhance the collective immunity and the ability of tissue regeneration of biological cells to accelerate the supply of nutrients and enzymes to promote good health.
B. It can stimulate and promote cell metabolism. Elimination of venous congestion improves blood circulation, enhances cell activity and stimulates collagen regeneration, leaving skin smooth and tender.
1. Heating switch:
Press the heating button (heating icon display) and press the heating button again (the heating icon is off.)
2. Heating settings:
Press and hold the heating button for 1.2 seconds to enter the temperature setting. The LCD will display the temperature flashing. The adjustment range is 35-50 degrees Celsius. Press the heating button to cycle the temperature. Press once to adjust 1 degree Celsius. When the temperature is adjusted, the temperature shows the corresponding temperature setting. Blinking, 3 seconds without operation saves to exit the setting state, and the temperature display returns to the current temperature.
3. During heating/switching or during the process, no heating is performed when the temperature is not displayed.

About charging
The product is set to the security protection mode, and automatically shuts down after 30 minutes of booting.
The icon flashes when charging, and the power is automatically turned off when the battery is fully charged.

1. The body has varicose veins and should not be used.
2. It is not suitable for use during pregnancy or menstruation.
3. Because the blood is concentrated in the digestive system after meals, it should not be used.
4. After use, the surface of the skin is dilated. You should rest for 30-45 minutes before bathing.
5. When using, you should follow the same direction.
6. Due to the phenomenon of sputum caused by negative pressure gravitation, it should be suspended for several days.
pay attention:
1.Before use, take a few drops of essential oil(Product does not contain) and apply it evenly around the skin. Massage until the skin is moisturized to avoid dryness and discomfort.
2. Do not apply too much essential oil to avoid product blockage.

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