Commercial Quality Cotton Candy Machine Cart and Electric Candy Floss Macker

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Easy to Use: Simply turn on the machine, wait 2-4 minutes, pour in the cotton candy mixture, and immediately start twirling cotton candy.

Commercial Quality: Designed to deliver commercial-grade quality and performance wherever you need it, this cotton candy machine offers excellent functionality, resulting in deliciously fun cotton candy clouds. Featuring a large 20-inch stainless steel kettle, a 950-watt heating element, and a belt-driven high-performance motor, this cotton candy machine is a perfect choice for both home and commercial use.

Fast and Efficient: This cotton candy machine gets the job done without wasting any time. Whether you have a line of excited kids waiting for their candy or you want a crowd-pleasing treat at your next party, this machine whips up one cotton candy cone every 30 seconds in its large 20-inch stainless steel bowl.

Accessories Included: Everything you need to make delicious treats is included with this cotton candy machine. Accessories include a 3-bin storage drawer, a sugar scoop, two extra motor drive belts, and a handy instruction manual.

Ease of Use: No previous professional candy-spinning experience is necessary when using this machine. Power switch, heat controller, and voltmeter are located on the front panel, making it easy to operate. With quick setup, you'll have no trouble making round after round with this candy floss maker.

The cotton candy maker with cart from [brand] makes it easy to create fun, fluffy cotton candy. This commercial-grade mobile machine features a large stainless steel bowl, a high-performance belt-driven motor, a 3-bin storage drawer, and an industry-leading 950-watt high-performance heating element. The large stainless steel bowl not only looks great but also keeps the working area safe and is detachable, making it very easy to clean.

This machine is designed to limit vibration for quieter operation, utilizing an upgraded belt-driven motor and four clamps to hold the bowl steady. The enhanced 950-watt heating element can complete a batch of cotton candy in about 30 seconds once heated (which only takes 2-4 minutes when you first turn it on). We have designed this cotton candy machine to be as simple and easy to use as possible with just two switches (power and heat) located right on the front of the machine.

The cotton candy cart features 13" ball-bearing wheels, making it easy to move the machine. We have combined a nostalgic look with today's technology for a machine that is ultra-quiet, easy to use, and easy to clean. This is perfect for churches, schools, fundraisers, varsity clubs, birthday parties, concessionaires, and anyone else looking to make cotton candy quickly and efficiently.

To Clean: Remove the bowl, wipe it clean with a damp cloth, and dry it thoroughly.

Cotton Candy Machine with Cart
Sugar Scoop
Spare Parts
Owner's Manual

Voltage frequency: 220V /50Hz 110V/60Hz
We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.
Power: 950W
Color: Pink
Weight: 15 kg
Tire material: solid plastic
Size: 820*545*970mm

Send the corresponding power plug according to your country.

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