Concrete Rebound Test Hammer Portable Schmidt Hammer High Polymer Material Shell Resiliometer Testing Equipment

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The HT-225B Concrete Test Hammer is designed in accordance with the standards of GB/T9138-1988, JJG817-93, JGJ/T23-2011, and ASTM C 805. This testing tool is widely employed to assess the compressive strength of building concrete components, bridges, and more.



  1. The center rod is crafted from imported material, ensuring high accuracy and durability.
  2. The use of high-polymer material provides optimal protection against damage, extending the instrument's lifespan.
  3. The external structure of the pointer slider balances friction well and allows for easy adjustment, ensuring the instrument's accuracy. In comparison to other suppliers in the industry, our product stands out for its superior accuracy, quality, competitive pricing, and extended lifespan.



  • Test Range: 10~60MPa
  • Standard Impact Energy: 2.207J (0.225Kgf.m)
  • Stroke of Rebound Hammer: 75mm
  • Friction of Pointer Slider: 0.5N~0.8N
  • Sphere Radius of Rebound Pole SR: 25mm±1mm
  • Average Rebound Value on Steel Anvil Rm: 80±2
  • Size: 54*278mm


The HT-225B Concrete Test Hammer, with its precise design and high-quality materials, offers users a reliable, accurate, and durable solution for testing concrete compressive strength. Whether in construction projects or bridge engineering, this product meets the demands of users for concrete quality control, ensuring the safety and stability of structures.

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