COXO Dental Aluminum Oxide Microblaster Air Polisher Dental Abrasive Sandblasting Machine Air Abrasion System with Spray CA-1

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Provide a very small abrasive flow

Use water mist to restrain sand powder from scattering.

Using the power of compressed air to spray fine abrasive particles at high speed, Quickly remove stubborn adhesions


Technical specifications

Recommend working  pressure: 0.4MPa
Spray diameter: 1.0mm
Input water pressure: 0.2MPa,Powder spray≤9g/min
Working pressure:0.3~0.6MPa,Water spray>20ml/min
Effective distance for: spray2mm~10mm


Choice of powder

The powder should be dry, loose. The wet powder can be baked at 120℃ for half an hour.

-Used to quickly remove stubborn adherents on the treated surface: white

alumina particles with a particle size of 90 microns;

-Used for bonding preparation on metal or non-metal surface: white alumina

particles with a particle size of 50 microns,

-For surface polishing: white alumina particles with a size of 27 microns.


Product list
O-ring ( φ9×φ7×φ1) x 1

Bottle for powders x 1

Tip x 1

O-ring ( φ8.7×φ7 × φ 0.85 ) x 2

Filter cartridge x 2





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