Full body CPR Simulator Artificial Respiration Training Dummy CPR Training Manikin Mannequin Medical Training Model

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A full-body cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) mannequin designed for medical emergency skills training is suitable for various applications, including fire departments, hospitals, driving schools, schools, and mine rescue. With simple operation and cost-effectiveness, this model is an ideal choice for the promotion and training of CPR techniques.

This simplified half-body CPR mannequin eliminates the electronic controller and utilizes high-quality materials capable of enduring 1.5 million compressions. This significantly enhances the product's durability and economic practicality, making it a preferred option for widespread CPR training and skill development in various organizations.

The product is manufactured in strict accordance with international standards and has obtained CE certification. It has been exported to various European countries, receiving unanimous praise from European customers.

The facial skin, neck skin, chest skin, and hair are made of a blend of imported thermoplastic elastomers using stainless steel molds and high-temperature injection molding. The mannequin features accurate anatomical markings, realistic tactile feedback, uniform skin color, lifelike appearance, aesthetic design, durability, and ease of disassembly and replacement. The materials used meet or exceed the standards of similar products abroad.



• Implementation standards: AHA 2020 New guidelines for international cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)& Cardiovascular First Aid (ECC) standards.

•2020 (new standard) : first C chest compressions →A open airway →B artificial respiration operation process.

• Operation cycle: effective chest compressions for 30 times and then effective manual air blowing for 2 times.

• Operation frequency: latest international standard: at least 100 times/min;

• Simulates standard airway opening.

• Simulate artificial hand chest compressions.

• Correct pressure intensity (5-6cm area), wrong (< 5-6cm < area).

• Artificial mouth-to-mouth breathing (air blowing) : the tidal volume blown in < 500ml~1000ml <.

• Compression to artificial respiration ratio: 30:2.

• Operation mode: training operation.

• Check pupillary response: simulate a comparison between dilated and deflated pupils.

A full-body model of advanced resuscitation;

One deluxe super thick Oxford bag;

One recovery operation pad;

Barrier Mask (50 / box) 1 box;

Four sets of lung sac replacement devices;

Can change a face skin;

An instruction manual.

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