DEESS GP591 Home Laser Permanent Hair Removal System IPL Hair Remover Cool Painless With 3 Lens

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The Deess GP591 home laser is a cold, painless home laser device thanks to the cooling feature, which protects the skin from any pain or irritation and makes it suitable for different areas of the body and skin, including the face, armpits and bikini, with an unlimited number of controlled flashes (automatic / non-automatic).

Deess laser device comes with three lenses

hair removal lens
Acne treatment lens
And another for the freshness of the skin
Deess GP591 Home Laser Specifications
Deess GP591 upgraded version which is the latest version of Dees devices
Equipped with a cooling feature of up to 8 degrees to protect the skin from irritation or pain when using
Unlimited flashes with a time of 0.9 seconds between them, making it a suitable option for long-term use without the need for any additional accessories in the future
Equipped with a display showing the mode of use, including the lens used, temperature level, power and cooling level
The system of flashes can be selected (automatic / non-automatic) and when the automatic mode is activated, the flashes will be consecutive without the need to press or lift the device, allowing you to finish the session in a record time and quickly.
The device is wired and therefore does not require charging or interrupting the session to recharge.

Packing list:
1 X Deess GP591 main unit.
1 X Hair removal lens.
1 X Rejuvenation lens.
1 X Anti-acne lens.
1 X Power cord.
1 X Power adapter.
1 X English Manual
1 X Arabic Manual
Send the correct power plug according to your country.

The device works according to the professional Intense Pulsed IPL (IPL) technology, the most advanced technology applied for the purpose of hair removal. It has been used since its inception in professional dermatology centers and in the best beauty salons and spas around the world.

This over-the-counter hair removal device gives you complete body hair removal care by treating body hair not only from small areas, such as armpits and facial hair, but also from large areas such as arms and legs being perfectly suitable for people of different groups.

 Based on DEESS's 17 years of product research experience and clinical research data from its salon chain users worldwide, more than 90% of women are satisfied with DEESS's hair removal, facial and body beauty service as a professional manufacturer, supplying products to more than 120 State of the art plastic surgeons, dermatologists, physicians, and healthcare professionals.

The Deess laser operates on the principles of selective photolysis, which causes a thermal effect of the target chromophores using light of an appropriate wavelength in pulses (wavelength ranges from 510 to 1100 nm). These pulses exceed the thermal relaxation time of the chromophore but preserve the normal skin by limiting the pulse width below the thermal relaxation time of the skin.

The Deess GP591 Home Laser Hair Removal System is the perfect combination of advanced technologies for ultra-smooth and beautiful skin, order it now and get it with a two-year guarantee.


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