DEESS GP591 Triplecare Master 0.9s Laser Permanent Hair Removal System IPL Hair Remover instrument cool painless Beauty device

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DEESS GP591 Features

* Interchangeable lens with 3 functions.
* For permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation and acne clearance.
* Unlimited shots for each lamp. 
* Cooling during operation and Cold compress after treatment.
* Cooling during operation, 21℃, comfortable treatment and suitable for sensitive skins.
* Cold compress after treatment, 8℃, calms down skin easily and shrinks pores.
* Stamp mode and slide mode.
* 120° Gold streamline design.
* 360° convenient operation.
* UV filter.
* UV protected treatment glasses.
* Corded for continuous treatment.
* Suitable for woman and man.
* Suitable for face and whole body.
* Auto-shut off after 5mins.
* Advertising video and documents are provided.


DEESS GP591 Treatment results

1. Hair removal: 90% hair reduction after 7-10 treatment.
2. Skin rejuvenation: 95% customers skin is whitened, 91% customers skin is tightened and lifted.
3. Acne clearance: 86% acne reduction immediately. 85% customers skin recovers from persistent treatment.


Who is DEESS GP591 suitable for?

1. Hair removal: Hair round lips, armpit hair, limb body hair, frontal hairline and other hair that affects appearance.

2. Skin rejuvenation: Flabby skin, aging face with dark or yellow face, light wrinkle, thick pore, skin lacks elasticity or gloss, skin with low resistance, low immunity, etc.

3. Acne clearance: Suits people whose grease is secreted exuberant, people with inflammatory papules or pustular acne.

IPL (intense pulsed light) 
1. Permanent hair removal (>510nm)
2. Skin rejuvenation (>560nm)
3. Acne clearance (>410nm)

Voltage: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz.
Net weight: 950g.
Size: 28.8*18.8*14.5cm.
CTN size: 61.6*42*37.4cm.

Packing list:
1 X Deess GP591 main unit.
1 X Hair removal lens.
1 X Rejuvenation lens.
1 X Anti-acne lens.
1 X Power cord.
1 X Power adapter.
1 X English Manual
1 X Arabic Manual


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