Dental Air Polishing Prophy Jet Coxo Teeth Polishing Sandblaster 2/ 4 Holes Air Polisher Handpiece Airflow/Sandblasting Machine

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COXOSKU: 2311101519

Option: Supragingival 4-hole
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Performance characteristics:

- Tungsten steel nozzle can rotate 360°

- Precise and reliable sandblasting flow, finger press control

- The whole machine can be autoclaved

- Not easy to block

- Low pressure conditions can also be used (Lowest 45psi can be used)

- Increases adhesion to 400%.

- Two in one: supragingival and subgingival mode

-Material: Medical stainless steel

-Nozzle: can be detachable, removable

-Warranty :1 year

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