Dental Implant Motor COXO C-Sailor Pro Portable Professional Surgical Brushless Motor with Touch Screen with 20:1 Contra Angle

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1. Full touch big screen
The large size screen ensures that the treatment parameters are visible at any time.

2. Graphical planting process selection A variety of parameters at a glance

Every planting process is set up to solve the tedious setting.

3. Powerful irrigation system

Built in water supply system with small size, good performance and convenient connection. 4 shifts water supply up to 150mI/min.

4. A new generation of motors with torque of up to

High performance brushless motor, powerful torque output, highly efficient chip structure.

5. Motors and cables can be sterilized at high temperature and pressure

Lighter and shorter motor, long work no fatigue.

6. LED lighting helps clinicians focus more on the treatment area and make surgery more accurate

High brightness LED light source with brightness up to 30000lux.

7. Illumination and sound can be adjusted
Give doctors more autonomy in setting up options.

8. Multifunctional pedal controller
Aseptic operation can be achieved, giving the maximum freedom of the handle.

1. Maximum power: 150W
2. Power supply: AC110-120V 50/60Hz
3. Motor speed: 300--4000Orpm
4. Adjustable torque: 5Ncm--80Ncm
5. Water supply volume: 4 blocks adjustable. 150ml/min
6. Light source illumination: 3000Olux
7. Motor: surgical brushless motor
8. Volume(cm): 42x38x26cm
9. Weight(kg)/PCS:10kg
10. Packing material: Aluminum box

We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.


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