Dental technician vacuum cleaner Laboratory single hole vacuum cleaner Processing factory mechanic high-power vacuum cleaner

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Special equipment for dental technology
Product Description:
1. Purpose: This machine is mainly suitable for cleaning dust when the mechanic is grinding, and it is the equipment commonly used by the mechanic.
2. Features: The machine adopts imported carbon brush motor, which can adjust the speed to achieve the required wind power. The motor and dust separation structure is adopted. This form increases the practical power of the motor, greatly reduces the failure rate of the motor, effectively reduces the maintenance cost, and is convenient to use and easy to operate.

Power supply voltage: (A) 220V/50HZ±10%
                     (B) 110V/60HZ±10%
Power supply power: 370W
Maximum air pressure: 17Kpa
Maximum flow: 70 cubic meters/hour
Maximum vacuum: -9.8Kpa
Maximum bath sound: -60db
Dimensions: 35X20X35cm
Whole machine weight: 11KG

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