Dental Ultrasonic Scalers Maxpiezo7+ Ultrasonic Piezo EMS WoodpeckerCavitron LED Handpiece Tank for Endo Perio 8 Tips

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Powerful features of ultrasonic DS7+ root canal irrigation:

1. Touch screen era, full touch touch panel;

2. Root canal flushing expert, automatic water supply,

3. Omni-directional use, with cleaning and maintenance, needle pulling and other functions.

4. Generate a strong cavitation effect and enhance the ability of detergent to remove sundries;

5. Promote the ability of particles to dissolve organic matter and kill bacteria;

6. Improve the effect of narrow, high, narrow and complex root canals;

7. Reduce tip pushing of objects and resulting pain, swelling or swelling;

8. The irrigating fluid can reach the side branch root canal, accessory root canal and anastomosis between root canals that the root canal file cannot reach.

Product name: DS7+

Input voltage: 220V 50Hz (If you choose 110V, we can provide a 110V conversion to a 220V voltage converter.)

Working frequency: 28kHz±3kHz

Water inlet pressure: 0.01MPa~0.5MPa

Output power: 38VA

Water supply method: self-contained water supply bottle water supply

Device function: G, P, E

Root canal oscillating irrigation function

Tip main vibration deviation: <90um

Cutting-edge output power: 3W~20W

Tip output characteristics: half bias force 0.5 N~2N

Host insurance: TO.5AL 250VAC
We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.

Dental Ultrasonic Scalers
Dental Ultrasonic Scalers
Dental Ultrasonic Scalers
Dental Ultrasonic Scalers
Dental Ultrasonic Scalers
Dental Ultrasonic Scalers

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