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【Ion Detox Foot Spa】

Due to the different ratios of positive and negative ions in the human body, this function is divided into three modes, namely male, female, and child. The ion array generates negative ions in the water to balance the ion field in the body.

【Portable Foot Bath】

We are Manufacturers focus on the detox machine, safety and strict quality control, it can enhance your immune system, balance blood sugar and pressure, improve your memory and sleep, aid weight loss.

【Ionic Foot Spa Machine】

The harmful substances in human body are excreted through Ion detox foot spa. So as to promote the metabolism of the human body. can improve your memory and sleep, reduce arthritis pain, rheumatoid arthritis, strengthen your immune system, colds will not happen too often.

【Easy to Use 】

The length of foot bath can be selected according to your own needs through the touch screen. A green wrist strap should be worn before use. Super friendly to your skin, ideal for home use, individual, beauty club, salon spa club, health center and more.


With regard to any problem that you are not satisfied with, you could contact us anytime to ask for a refund or replacement. Please do not worry, we are happy to solve any question for you!

We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.

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