Detox Machine Foot Spa Machine Ion Cleanse Foot Spa Machine ionic detox foot spa with Plastic Basin

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1. The main advantage of this product is that it can be used separately and also can be used together with detox machine(with array), bath sea salt, herbal foot bath tablet, bath ball and so on, which is safe and attractive for custom, durable and lightweight.
2. Beside, it is suitable for family, individual, beauty club and spa club to work as foot spa, massage tub, manicure tub, etc. It is easy to use.
Packing list:
1 x Foot SPA Machine
1 x Plastic Basin
1 x Detox Foot Bath Array
1 x Power Adapter
1. Put the plastic bag on the foot basin, pour the warm water.
2. Add 0.1 g of salt in water.
3. Place the ion head in the center of the foot basin and connect the main unit.
4. Connect the power supply to the host.
5. Put your feet into Plastic Basin, open the button in the control panel.
6. When the host is working, it will light up. Each lamp illuminates for 5 minutes and the treatment lasts for 30 minutes.
7. The buzzer will sound at the end of 30 minutes and all the lights will flash four times indicating that the job has been completed.







The 2011 ion detox foot spa Cleansing System which helps with total body purification. Ions are molecules that in most cases carry either a positive or negative charge. When the machine is turned on ions are created in the water. When the unit is set to positive, the current is directed to the positive pole, which produces more negative ions in the water inducing a positive polarity that generates a negative ion flow which raises blood pH from acidic toward alkaline in scientific studies.
This unit is used primarily by professionals but it is easy enough for anyone to use. It is the newest unit on the market for 2011 and retails for $2,199 in some markets. We bring factory direct wholesale prices to you so everyone can benefit from this amazing system and gain physical satisfaction from the results.
Why Detoxify with a detox foot spa?
In today's world it is estimated that over 95% of people in our modern society experience a chemical imbalance within their bodies which causes an excess of hydrogen ions, and their blood pH is lower than optimal (7.45 pH). These people will greatly benefit from exposure to high concentrations of negatively charged ions.
The way ionization works is a water molecule is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. When the molecule loses a hydrogen atom, the remaining OH molecule takes on a negative charge. As you walk along the beach your body absorbs millions of these negatively charged ions, which alkalize the blood and tissue. Because of poor diet and high stress, we tend to accumulate and store excessive quantities of waste products, such as diacetic, lactic, pyruvic, uric, carbonic, acetic, butyric, and hepatic acids.





Does the detox foot spa belong to the medical device?

detox foot spa doesn't belong to the medical device. It is healthcare device. It is good to the health, diseases-prevention, anti-aging, beauty, slimming and resists sub-health and premature senility.

What kind of healthcare device is detox foot spa ?

detox foot spa is all-around food-bathing therapy device for purifying the energy. Recently, this device is very popular in the advanced European and American countries. Its aim is the same as these of enjoying SPA, hotspring bath, movement and practicing Qigong to go after the health. It makes you feel relaxing and energetic after the bathing. The natural energy of the water can remove the waste from the body. It is as good as drinking more water to the health. It can reach the all-round health purpose after using for a long term.

Why do people need detoxification?

For several decades, with the development of the science, there are all kinds of theories about the diseases and caducity. The Russian biologist and physiologist, Metchnikoff, the winner of Nobel Prize for Medicine, said in his theory of the body chronic poisoning, all kinds of toxins in human body will bring the chronic poisoning. It is the main factor that people always suffer the diseases and premature senility.

The foreign healthcare experts and scholars said, if one people doesn't keep the healthy dietary standard and living ways and doesn't wash often the body regularly, there must be around 5kg. Of toxin accumulated in his body. We can say everybody has the toxin in his body. For an adult, there is around 3kg.~25kg. Of toxin distributed in different organs including every cell in blood, lymph and skin. The Russian and Ukraine famous experts in the detoxification get the following conclusion based on the detoxification practice to many patients in years. After the all-around detoxification to the patient in many times, they got the following data. From the intestines, remove 1kg. Of stale excrement; From the liver, cholecyst and bile duct, remove 0.5kg of stone, cholesterin embolus or some thread or slice matter; From every arthrosis, remove 0.3kg of inorganic salt; Remove 1.2kg of the other wastes (made by drinking, food, chlorine and nitrate etc). Finally, 3kg~5kg of toxin can be removed from different people by the above means. Meanwhile the weight will reduce 3kg~5kg. Therefore, the way to keep good health is the detoxification in the body and everyone need the detoxification.

Does everyone has the toxin?

Yes. Everyone's body has the toxin in different degree. The toxin comes from the pollution of environment and food, the waste from metabolism. Since the birthday on the earth, people need to breath, drink, eat. Along with the growth, people will become old. Hence, if alive, we will have the toxin in our body.

How to judge there is toxin in the body?

What is the symptom if intestines toxin, skin toxin and blood toxin in the body? The problem always starts from the difference of the body which always is the beginning of many diseases.

1. The intestines toxin starting from the coprostasis. After the toxin is sucked by the intestines, there is the symptom of coprostasis, bloated abdomen, halitosis, spot, insomnia and emaciation.

2. The skin toxin starting from the pore blocking, so it's easy to get a cold and illness and reduce the immune. Dirt, pigment and spot on the skin.

3. Blood toxin make the blood not flow smoothly. The blood sugar, fat and cholesterin accumulated on the blood vessel wall to form arteriosclerosis and unstable blood pressure etc. Too much acid pain-inducing matter in the blood cause the ache and rheumatism etc. All these symptom means too much toxin and the disease starts.

What causes the toxin?

From the food, during the metabolism, the fat, protein and sugar etc can generate the waste. That's to say, the food causes the toxin after digestion. And the additives and pesticide leftover among the food is also the source of the toxin. The meat, oil food and engorgement is harm to the digestion system. The toxin can't be removed easily.

From the environment, the air pollution, electronic radiation, all kinds of chemical substance, heave metal will be breathed into the body and produce the harmful toxin.

From the habits, nowadays, the fast living rhythm of the city life, lack of sports, irregular living influence the function of the organs and lower the self-detoxification ability. The research shows stress accumulated causes endocrinological disorder with the premature senility and diseases.

What is the harm of toxin to the Body? Why need the detoxification?

The toxin does below harm to the body.

a. Lower the immune. The toxin can be distributed in the nerve synapse and the neuromuscular Junction to harm the neuron and centrum and make the immune very low, i.e. easy to catch a cold, lightheaded, heart-throb, night sweat, insomnia, bad memory, limb numbness etc.

b. The toxin stimulates the immune system and makes the allergy.

c. The toxin influences the enzyme system and releases collagenase and hard elastase. These two kind of enzyme interact two much and decomposed which make wrinkle, blain on the nonelastic skin.

d. The same influence makes the capillary vessel more fragile and break the blood vessel. It can cause the diseases in heart and brain blood vessel.

Hence, when the toxin accumulated to some degree, it's very harmful to our health. Lower the immune, make the fatigue, endocrine disorder and influence of the change of blood pressure, sugar and fat etc. Sometime, it may cause the vital diseases, so we need the long-term detoxification.

What kind of toxin will be removed after using the detox foot spa ?

The main toxin removed is heavy metal, fat, organic matter and metabolism waste.

Why isn't the toxin around the feet, just around the ion heads?

Because the ion heads, the core of the electricity potential field, change the electricity potential from positive to negative, the removed toxins are sucked around the ion heads, not around the feet.

How to prove the toxins are removed from the body?

Put the food in the salt distilled water, vaporize the water and keep the leftover for the chemical analysis, the heavy metal, metabolism waste is found. Or test the blood and urine before and after the food bathing. After detoxification, the red cell accumulated status down, ph value up, blood pressure down, blood sugar down. The English experiment proves one 79-years-old man can become younger two years after one period treatment (about 15 times),

Are all the colorful toxins in the water removed from the body?

10 Not all. Even though not put the feet in the water, metal, salt and water also react together and generate the light-color and a little deposit. The ion cleanse purify the water out of the body. 20-40% of which are impacted by the local water quality. The other 40~60% are the toxin from the body. In additional, the metal wastage of ion cleanse also increase the metal ingredient and change the water color, so the different water color in different place. For example, the water color is coffee orange in Phoenix City, Arizona state, just orange in Denver, Colorado, just coffee in Texas. There are different popular symptoms in different place, such as arthrosis in some place, but kidney and bladder disease in other place. Therefore, we suggest different toxin analysis in different place and water quality. Based on the experience and practice, we analysis correctly the ingredient and sources of the toxin.

Which reflections there are after the first detoxification?

After the first detoxification, most of people will feel tired. Because the cell penetration is strengthened after the detoxification, the metabolism will be enhanced. And the cells lose some energy during the detoxification, so people will feel tired. Meanwhile, we supply all kinds of optional healthcare nutrition.

The achievements of the detox foot spa to the health?

a. Pure physics water therapy. No side-effect, safe and effective.

b. Increase the cells energy, activate the cells, boost the metabolism, improve the immune. Enhance the detoxification ability of the cells, relax the detoxification burden of the organs, get rid of the sub-health. Recover the health and energy.

c. From inside to outside, remove the toxin in the body effectively. Keep the balance of acid and alkali, purify the blood, boost the whole function and make the healthy and clean body.

d. The negative ion adjust the endocrine disorder, anti-aging, dieting and beautify skin.

Which visible effects after the detoxification?

1. Improve the sleeping quality

2. The blood pressure down

3.The blood sugar down

4. Reduce the ache and inflammation

5.Get rid of tiredness

6.Improve the immune

7.Make the skin smooth, tight and lighten the winkle and pigment

8.Cure Athlete's feet and fungal nail

After many times, the toxins become less. Is it still necessary to continue using it?

With the economy fast development, the modern life become perfect and perfect, but the pollution is serious. The pollution of air, water, food and radiation spread more and more widely. The pollution in the air, food is harmful to our health. The ion cleanse is used periodically. 15 times is one treatment. Detoxify once two days. After one treatment, continue the next treatment two weeks later. According to the accumulation character of the toxin and the treatment periodical, we suggest to detoxify in a long term.

How many times will it be effective?

Different times for different people. For these weak people, with the long-term toxin accumulation, it will need a long time to detoxify. The experiment prove most people will feel relaxing, energetic and untired, immune improve and not easy to catch a cold after 6-7 times using.

Can the people who ever purified the kidney use the detox foot spa ?

Yes, the people who have long-term kidney dialyse and hormone can use the detox foot spa . It helps to get rid of the side effect and the toxin leftover of the medicine. Help to detoxify without influencing any medicine effect.

Is there any side effect if using the detox foot spa frequently?

According to three year of American scientific experiment and the observation of more than 30 thousands of user, the detox foot spa has no side effect to the body. Its detoxification therapy is using pure water therapy, physiotherapy. The whole process is safe, cosy, effective, fast. The detoxification can be seen, tested and no side-effect. A lots of users said they feel very clean and healthy after using the detox foot spa .

Why does someone feel pruritic when foot bathing? Does it hurt the feet skin after long-term use?

The energy of the ion cleanse can stimulate the skin, but most people can't feel that and the few can feel pruritic. It's still normal. The energy strength is studied for a long time in the lab, it is under the pressure range which the skin can bear. Don't hurt the skin even a long-term use.

I noticed an old woman didn't remove too much toxin after foot bathing, why?

Any detoxification needs the energy, so the removed toxin volume depends on people's original health. For the strong people, the cells are easy to activate and can remove more toxin. For the weak people, the cells' function is very weak. It will take a longer time to activate the cells, so at the beginning, the toxin will be less. The stronger the people are, the more toxins are removed. More treatments, more toxin will be released.

Can the woman use the ion cleanse during the MC?

Yes, the woman can use the detox foot spa during the MC, but not including these pregnant or in lactation period.

Can these patients just after the operation use the detox foot spa ?

For the patients just after the operation, suggestion is to use the detox foot spa after the recovery.

Why the blister and swell appear for someone after the foot bath?

Please don't worry about this, it is normal detoxification reaction. Please check carefully whether there is removed toxin on the feet skin.

Can the detox foot spa cure the dermatophytosis?

Yes, it can. The ion cleanse can cure the Athlete's foot, dermatophytosis and fungal nail etc.

During the detoxification, is there any beautifying and healthcare effect to get rid of sunspot, acne, aged-marks, wrinkle?

Many ladies and old-aged friends care about this question. The sunspot, acne, aged-marks are caused by the long-term accumulation of the toxin in the body. The periodical detoxification can remove these toxins to recover the cells energy and make the skin elastic and smooth. It can remove or improve these symptoms and has the beautifying and healthcare effect.

Somebody says the detox foot spa has the instant effect to the diabetes and the removed toxin from the body is visible. Is that true?

Yes, it's true. Our clinic validation discovers the blood sugar index is decreased than this before using after the diabetes patients use the ion cleanse. Usually, the blood sugar can be decrease to the normal level after one or two treatments (the treatments quantity depends on the condition of the different patients).

Does the detox foot spa have the good effects to decompose the fat and lower the blood fat?

Have a very good effect after long using. During the whole process, it needs to consume a lot of energy, burn the fat, decompose the fat layer and get rid of useless deposit and free radical. Purify the blood and the body circulation, improve the cells energy. Have an instant effect to improve "6 high 1 low" phenomena of the sub-health.

Why put the salt in the water?

The salt can increase the conductive ability of the water, adjust the body BIO volume to get the best effect of the detoxification. It also increases the water ion concentration, fasten the movement of the ions and diminish inflammation and sterilize. The regular salt, such as iodine salt which contains other substance or impurity can change the water color under the role of the detox foot spa and weaken the detoxification effect. It's better to use refined salt and coarse salt. It's necessary to add the salt at the place with soft water, vise versa.

Is there any danger to get an electric shock when foot bath?

No. The device has the function of automatic protection. When the water current exceeds the security range, the power will cut off automatically. No hurt and danger when the feet touch the ion cleanse.

How does the detox foot spa work?

The detox foot spa switch the 110V AC into 0-24V DC. The mini-computer controller produces the Hz waves with the settled frequency. The HZ waves are imput into the water and change the water characters.

What changes happens to the water under the role of the detox foot spa ?

The HZ waves turn the positive electricity potential into the negative one, big- molecule water into small-molecule one and ionize the other matter.

Is there age limitation to use the detox foot spa ? How often to use the detox foot spa ?

All people over 8 years old can use this device. The time and frequency of the foot bath should be different for the different people, 30 minutes for the adult and 15 minutes for the child. Generally, the people under 50 years old use it every two days, the people over 50 years old every three days. One treatment includes 15 times. Continue the next treatment two weeks after one treatment.

How produce the water color in the detox foot spa ?

The HZ waves with settled frequency ionize the all substances in the water. The ions react with the removed toxin and generate the color. Sometimes, the color become light yellow after the tap water pours into the device. That's the color should be, because some rust ionized in the tap water become the light yellow, but no smell and fat. When the body touch the water, it must be different color with some smell and fat.

Which factors impact the water color?

The toxin in the body impacts the water color. Meanwhile, the water temperature, time and strength also have a little influence.

Why the colors are just the same for most people?

In the same condition (the water temperature, time and strength), the water color is impacted by the toxin in the body. Most people (in the same region) have the same living and dietetic habits which cause almost the same toxin. Hence, the water colors are just the same after foot bath.

Do the smoking people and drinker get the different color from other people?

After the foot bath of the smoking people and drinker, the water color is heave, usually puce and cyan toxin. For some long-term smoking people, the water has the strong smell of nlcotine.

Why there is strong chlorine smell in the water after someone's foot bath?

These people may drink the water which contains too much chlorine or swim often in the pool. The body sucks too much chlorine leftover.

Why the water color is very light after some serious patient's foot bath?

The detox foot spa helps to recover the detoxification ability of cells. Some serious patients have very low detoxification ability. They need the detoxification for many times to recover the energy and penetration of the cells. At the first foot bath, only very little toxin is removed.

What is the notice to the detox foot spa ?

a. The secure voltage, 0~24V of the device is switched from the low voltage, but the operating panel and control box should be away from water.

b. Based on the different water quality and using time, the detox foot spa heads can be used for about 50 times. It is consume products. After 50 times, it needs to be changed. You can buy it in our company.

c. For the new user, we suggest to use it once a day, about 30 minutes for every time. Then use once a week after 15 times.

d. After using, pour the water out carefully. Don't let the water into the upper operating panel.

e. Clean the detox foot spa after using. Then dip it in the glass with 200ml cleansing liquid for 5 - 20 minute. Wash it after dipping. One glass of cleansing liquid only can be used for 5 times.

f. Finally, dry the ion heads with electrical dryer. Put it back to the metal box.

g. Please take good care of the cleansing liquid out of the child's reach. No eating.

How to use?

a. Prepare a regular foot bath basin. Pour into the warm water, 37-40 degree.

b. Add some salt (Refined salt or coarse salt is better).

c. Put the feet in the basin.

d. Put the ion heads in the basin and turn on the device and adjust the time about 30 minutes

The whole detoxification process is safe, cosy, fast, effective, visible and tested.

How long the set of detox foot spa can be used?

The detox foot spa belongs to the consume product. Normally, it can be used for 40-60 times (if the water hardness is appropriate and a little salt.), but when it's always Zero on V and A place of the display, that means the ion heads need to be changed. The too hard water, too more salt, long-time dipping will shorten the life of the ion heads. The detox foot spa will be consumed constantly during using. And the impurity on it will become more and more. Its function will be weakened. It's necessary to change the detox foot spa to keep the good function. To prolong the usage life and keep the sanitation (avoid of the interactive inflection). Sterilize, clean and dry the device after using every time. For the good effects, please change our special ion cleanse. If you use other brand, it's easy to broken the mini-computer electrode plate and damage the machine.

What's the role of BIO (imitation body bioelectricity)?

The detox foot spa use the settled computer program to reach the newest international popular standard-BIO imitation body bioelectricity. Bio pushes the reaction of the body liquid and water. Most of the negative ion enter the body to lower the membranes electricity potential, recover the penetration of the cell membranes, enhance the detoxification ability of the cells and remove the toxin in the body. BIO also can enter the body and cells to fasten the compose of energy ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) in the cells to recover the normal movement and function of the cells, fasten the blood circulation, improve the compose of the collagen, make the skin elastic and good to beautify and work out.

Why need to clean the detox foot spa after using every time?

When turn on the power, the detox foot spa will generate the HZ waves with settled frequency. The HZ waves ionize the substance in the water. It impacts the water, meanwhile the impurity will be stick on the surface of the device. If no cleaning, the impurity will lower the current on the surface of the ion cleanse. And impact the energy imput and make the dark water color when the next use, so the ion cleanse should be sterilized and cleaned after using which can prolong the usage life and keep the good function next time.

What is the notice to clean the detox foot spa ?

a. Use the special cleansing liquid of detox foot spa .

b. The cleansing liquid dips the whole detox foot spa .

c. According to the using time of the detox foot spa , choose the dipping time, usually, 5-20 minutes. Short dipping and cleaning time for the new device, but it needs to dip a longer time if use very often. The principle is to clean the heads material to new degree, but can't be dipped too long, or it will impact its usage life.

d. Wash it under the tap water after dipping.

e. Finally, dry the ion heads with electrical dryer and put them back to the metal box.

f. The cleansing liquid has causticity. Put it in a safe place out of the child's reach.

g. The cleansing can be used for 4-6 times repeatedly. Cover the glass after dipping.

How to choose the timing and strength when detoxification?

At the first foot bath, adjust the time as 20 minutes, the strength level 3. If feel tired after the first foot bath, next time, adjust the strength to level 1, the timing still 20 minutes. If no abnormal reaction, adjust to 30 minutes. Then add 1 level every 20-30 minutes, generally, only add to 3 level.




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