Digital Blood Vessel Imaging Portable Medical Vein Locator Detector Infrared Vein Finder Viewer

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How does blood vessel imaging work?

The use of specific wavelength near infrared irradiation of the skin, blood vessels due to the presence of hemoglobin will absorb light, while other tissues produce strong scattering and weak absorption of light, the use of near infrared photography device to capture the reflected or scattered near infrared light, the captured information through photoelectric conversion and image processing, and finally locate the specific location of the blood vessels projected to the corresponding parts, for real-time observation of blood vessels by medical personnel.

What are the benefits of blood vessel imaging?

1. It can assist in assessing the details of blood vessels such as thickness, depth, straightness, length, bifurcation, and venous valves.
2. It can observe the degree of blood filling in the blood vessels, detect the blood flow status, and can determine whether abnormal conditions such as hematoma exist after intravenous injection.
3. can visually observe the direction of blood flow, qualitatively assess the rate of blood flow, and the degree of blood filling.
4. It can visually monitor the flow of drug in the blood vessel such as the flow direction, medical personnel can visually determine whether there is leakage of drug, especially in the monitoring of tumor drug injection process has an important application to avoid damage to human tissue caused by leakage of drug.
5. varicose vein surgery, with the help of vascular imaging instrument, can shorten the time to find the blood vessel, the judgment accuracy rate, make the operation site more, and then the total operation and post-operation aesthetic degree.

1.3" LED display, simple to use.
350g, light weight and portable design.
3 different image size are selectable, suitable for adult, pediatric and neonate.
3 types of display mode. basic, inverse and enhance. meet all the request for a best vasculature map.
10 kinds of color display, design according to different user preference.
2 kinds of freehand solution is optional, mobile stand and fixed support.

Mainly composed of host, power adapter; host by the main board, display, camera and projection module, near infrared LED light source module, rechargeable battery and other components.

Hardware features:
1. Lightweight and compact design, flexible movement.
2. The use of invisible near-infrared light source, no harm to the human body, no visible light pollution of the environment.
3. Simple operation, one-touch power on/off.
4. Self-battery design, can work continuously for 2 hours after charging, and support longer work after power failure.
5. The use of AC and DC power supply, according to the environment can be flexibly selected. At the same time there are battery power indication, convenient for timely charging.
6. Based on FPGA platform development, powerful background processing capability. 

Software features:
1. Independent software development, to ensure the independent development of the product.
2. Professional application software, projection with 13 kinds (including mixed color) of color switching, size of three.
3. The projection light intensity can be adjusted by software according to user needs.

1. Ergonomic design and compact and exquisite.
2. Real-time access to the position of blood vessels.
3. Point to point skin surface imaging, high alignment accuracy, system resolution 0.3mm.
4. Multi-lens combination, eliminating the interference of visible light, clear image imaging, no artifacts.

Blood vessel imaging application scope:
Can be used for medical units to observe and find subcutaneous superficial blood vessels and play an auxiliary puncture use. The scope of the human body can be applied to the whole body.

Application scope:
Pediatrics, acute care, injection department, inpatient department, plastic surgery department (microplasty)
Note 1: In venipuncture, the success rate of puncture in infants and children is about 49%. Failure of venipuncture increases the number of punctures, triggers a simultaneous increase in the likelihood of venous catheter infection, and obesity, skin color, anemia, low blood pressure, and poor quality of tendons and veins can affect puncture accuracy.
Note 2: In micropigmentation, complications caused by injected material entering the blood vessels during the injection process, such as: tissue necrosis, blindness, cerebral infarction, and even death, discourage people seeking a better life and hinder the development of the plastic surgery industry even more.

Display: LED Display
Infrared Wavelength: 850nm
Image Resolution: 856*480pixel
Visible Vein Size: ≥1mm
Projection Depth: ≤8mm
Optimal Projection Distance: 15-20cm
Operation Mode: Basic/Enhance/Inverse Mode
Image Color: Single Color(7)
Mixed Color(6)
Image Size: S/M/L
Brightness: L/M/H
Power Supply: Rechargeable Lithium Battery(3000mAh), DC 5V 2A
Net Weight: 350g
Dimension: 21.2*6.6*6.5

Package List:
1 * Main machine
1 * Charging adapter
1 * User's manual
The charger sends the corresponding power plug according to your country.

What are the benefits of vein visualization technology?

The ability to see veins clearly makes it easier for doctors and nurses to insert IVs and draw blood, which can help to improve patient comfort and reduce anxiety. In addition, vein visualization technology can help to improve the accuracy of injections, which can minimize the risk of complications.

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