Disabled Transfer Chair with Manual or Hydraulic Adjustment Lift

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  1. Arbitrary Gear and Height Adjustment: Experience comfortable and efficient transfers with the ability to adjust the chair's height as needed, suitable for various scenarios.

  2. 180° Rear Opening and Closing Design: Unique 180-degree rear opening design facilitates easy patient movement without the need for heavy lifting or assistance, ensuring seamless operation.

  3. Vertical Back Design: Ergonomically designed back curvature provides excellent back support, enhancing the overall comfort for patients.

  4. High-Quality Oversized Potty: The oversized capacity toilet, spill-proof design, and matching cover effectively control odors, ensuring a hygienic environment.

  5. Smooth Seat Surface: Engineered with aesthetic design, the polypropylene seat surface is smooth and comfortable, providing the utmost comfort for users.

  6. Silent Medical Casters with Non-Slip Protection Pad: Medical-grade silent casters with non-slip protection pads ensure both safety and comfort for patients during movement.



  • Home Healthcare: Provides a convenient and humane patient care solution for home settings, making homes an ideal place for patient recovery.

  • Medical Institutions: In hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities, it serves as an efficient tool for caregivers, enhancing the quality of patient care.

  • Rehabilitation Centers: Suitable for rehabilitation centers, aiding in daily activities for rehabilitation patients and promoting physical recovery.

  • Long-Term Care: Offers a convenient living assistance tool for long-term bedridden patients, reducing the burden on both patients and caregivers.

The Transfer Chair not only boasts advanced functionality and design but is also versatile across multiple settings. It aims to improve the quality of life for patients and provide caregivers with an easier, more efficient tool for care.


Patient Transfer Chair
Patient Transfer Chair
Patient Transfer Chair

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