Professional Skin Hair Detector Scalp Hair Follicle Moisture Skin Pores Pigment Magnifying Analyzer Skin Pigment Tester 11 Inch

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Product Features:
- Four-grid image storage for comparison: Display four images simultaneously for easy comparison and visual analysis of pre and post-treatment results.
- Simultaneous display of three levels of hair follicles: Show the surface, middle layer, and UV layer of the hair follicles in the same frame, providing a more professional and intuitive analysis.
- Before and after treatment comparison images: Store and compare images to clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of the treatment, increasing persuasiveness.
- USB storage function with 16GB capacity: Support USB storage for convenient storage of before and after comparison images, allowing for more direct and persuasive results presentation.
- Video recording function: Capture high-definition videos to visually analyze the scalp and skin, providing a more intuitive and convincing evaluation compared to static images.
- 11-inch large screen for the new era: Featuring an 11-inch large screen with high-definition imaging, ensuring clear visibility even for elderly users.
- 10 million pixel image transmission: High-resolution image transmission for clearer and more detailed reproduction of the examined area.
- Dual probe (200x/50x switchable): Equipped with dual probes that can be switched between 200x and 50x magnification, providing a versatile tool for both hair follicle and skin analysis.
- Standard 50x magnification for hair follicle detection (supporting 3 spectral switches for surface/middle/UV layers): Standard 50x magnification for detailed examination of hair follicles, with support for switching between three spectral modes to analyze the surface, middle, and UV layers.
- 200x optical magnification: Offering 200x optical magnification to enlarge the scalp and hair follicles with enhanced clarity at 800x resolution.
- 50x magnification with 3 light detections: Supporting three light spectrums for scalp and skin analysis at different levels:
- White light (surface detection): Observing scalp conditions such as dryness, oiliness, clogged follicles, and signs of aging.
- UV light (UV layer detection): Utilizing the metabolism of porphyrin substances present in folliculitis, displaying them as red under UV light to detect potential scalp infections.
- Polarized light (middle layer detection): Analyzing scalp conditions related to redness, blood vessels, pigmentation, allergies, and inflammation.

1. The skin and hair detector is a kind of precision instrument, which needs to be carefully used and protected.During use, care should be taken not to let the dust fall onto the chip, so as not to affect the detection effect.
2. Select the lens when using, so the effect is better.
3. Keep the it clean before and after use.

Product parameters:
Color : White
Screen Size : 11 inches
Voltage : 100-240V 50-60Hz
Resolution ratio : 1208*1080
Lens: 50X 200X
Package size:36x28x16cm
Product name : Eight-core hair follicle / scalp / skin Tester
Function : Scalp / hair follicle / skin detection
Language : Traditional Chinese / English / Korean / Japanese


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