Electric Heating Knee Pads Far Infrared Magnetic Therapy Arthritis Rheumatism

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1 Pair Electric Heating Knee Pads Far Infrared Magnetic Therapy Arthritis Rheumatism Physiotherapy Instrument with Moxibustion

Scope Of Application: Simple to use, easy to carry,power can be used at home, travel, office can be used.It can be used for the head, neck, shoulders, waist, abdomen, knees, legs, feet, is the best gift for mom and dad.
SAFETY PROTECTION: Precise temperature control, 1 hour automatic power off, built-in heating film and flame retardant cotton to eliminate potential heat hazards.
6-Speed Temperature Control Design (25-70 degrees): There are 6 kinds of adjustable temperature gears for electric knee pads, you can choose the right temperature according to your own needs, and it is more convenient and comfortable to use.
Physiotherapy Hot Compress: Electric hot knee pads close to the hot compress parts required, highly targeted, have good symptoms for rheumatism, arthritis, etc.
High Quality Crystal Soft Fabric: High-grade fabrics, soft to the touch, comfortable and beautiful, easy to clean.

Voltage: 220V
Power: 30W
Heating temperature: 15-60 degrees Celsius
Packing size: 31*8*28cm

Operation method:
1, Knee pads on the knee before use, and fixed.
2, Turn on the power, the switch is adjusted to "open", then the power light is on.
3, The temperature adjustment, the knob switch to the right twist, transferred to the highest gear, when the product is hot, you can adjust the temperature according to their needs.
4, Use finished, first transferred to the lowest temperature, and then turn off the power switch.
5, The product every hour for an hour, if you need to continue to use, please restart.

Packing list
2 * Knee pads (washable)
2 * Fever chip
2 * Free wormwood.






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