Face Steamer Nano Steam Hot Compress Heating Sprayer Skin Moisturizing Humidifier Pore Deep Cleaning Water Hydration Nebulizer

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1. Hot Steam Cleaning. Adopts PTC ceramic sheet to instantly emit strong & uniform & fine & hot mist to open pores, effectively softening & removing the stubborn dirts & oil within. Can 100% clean your skin with no side effect.
2. Nano Mist Hydrating. The steam is atomized into nano particles, which are able to penetrate skin to moisturize from deep within, leaving an instant, noticeable and long-lasting hydrating effect.
3. Ideal Companion for Makeup. Apart from the functions mentioned above, you can also use it after applying a mask to double its nutrient absorption effect, and use it before apply makeup to effectively avoid cakey foundation.
4. Charming Aromatic SPA. Comes with an additional aroma holder for you to enjoy aromatherapy. Simply put essential oil, dried flower or herb on it, and you'll savor their flagrance & effect and relax yourself.

1. Fill the tank with water.
2. Put flower/herb/essence oil on the holder (not a must).
3. Connect the machine with a power.
4. Press the switch to enjoy a SPA.

1. Please use only distilled/purified water.
2. Keep a distance of 20 cm from the nozzle when using it.

1. Do not tilt, shake or carry the device during use or within 10 minutes after use.
2. Do not touch or look at the steam nozzle during use.
3. Do not install of remove the water tank from the equipment during use or within 10 minutes after use.
4. Do not drain the water through the nozzle.
5. Whenever operating the equipment, ensure that the tank is installed.
6. To avoid nozzle clogging, we suggest that you use distilled water and pure water.

The following people should not use:
(1)Women during pregnancy or menstruation (can cause skin problems due to hormonal imbalance).
(2)Allergic people.
(3)People with dermatitis or sensitive skin and severe sunburn.
(4)People (including children) with skin lesions, eczema and swelling.

Item Type:Face Steamer
Rated Voltage: 110-240V
Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz
Rated Power: 280W
Water Tank: 65ml
Weight: 555g

Product Include
1*Main Machine


Send the corresponding power plug according to your country


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