HD 200X 7 inches LCD Facial Skin Analyzer Hair Analyser Machine Digital Dermoscopy Skin Analysis Skin Detector

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Power Source: Electric
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1. Natural light, adopt Japanese import high - resolution CCD sensor image.
2. Interchangeable lens can detect skin surface oil, water, pigment, pore, elasticity, collagen, acne, etc.
3. Can freeze frame image screen, with zoom in and out of the image function of the system.
4. Can detect fingernails, skin, blackheads, whiskers, acne marks, insects, leaves, prints, jade grain and ceramics.
5. Use 50X lens for skin detection and 200X lens for hair detection.
6. Nursing hair follicle, targeted care of hair follicle, care for your health.
7. Main functions: skin detection (epidermal texture, dermal pigment, whitehead acne, blackhead, etc.); pore size testing: examination by electron microscope, area testing by computer; skin roughness: digital measurement; skin pigmentation: greasy, red, skin pigment, skin spots, etc. 

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Scalp Hair Follicle Detection 

Voltage: 100-240V
We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.

Main detection and analysis modules:
1. Sign the hair loss level
2. Hair moisture test (percentage number result, text result description)
3. Hair flexibility test (percentage number result, text result description)
4. Scalp oil content test (percentage number result, text result description)
5. Hair gloss detection (percentage number result, text result description)
6. Problem detection of hair follicles
7. Sensitive scalp test
8. Measurement of the length of newborn villi;(for hair growth and hair loss) 

Operation Method: 
1. Connect the power cord to the host and turn on the switches of the host.
2. Connect one end of the VIDEO signal line to the VIDEO interface of the host and one end to the VIDEO signal input port (VIDEO) of the TV set, turn on the power switches of the TV set and adjust the TV set to the corresponding VIDEO mode (VIDEO) and then adjust the TV set to AUTO or PAL mode.
3. Turn on the host power and plug in the handle of video, and the camera lens will light up. At this time, put the camera lens near the part to be tested, and think that the best state is when you can see it clearly.
4. When using the stop-motion handle function, press the "Rated" button on the handle to lock the picture, then press the "Rated" button to lock the picture, then press the "Rated" button to release the "Rated" button, then press the "+" button to enlarge the picture, and then press the "-" button to shrink the picture.
5. When using USB products, just like (2) connect the USB port to the computer and connect the USB IN, and connect the USB port of the handle to the USBOUT port. When you need to take a picture, please press the blue button on the handle.

Instructions for Two Kinds of Magnifying Glasses:
50X: Dry and sensitivity skin, acne, pigmentation distribution.
200X: Bacterial infection of scalp erythema/blocked hair follicle/excessive oil secretion.

Package List:
1 x Host 
1 x 50X Lens 
1 x 200X Lens 
1 x Adapter 
1 x Manaual 
1 x Handle 
1 x Handle Protective Cover 

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