Facial Vein Removal Device High Frequency Remove Facial Thread Veins Beauty Machine

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Facial Vein Removal Device Introduction:

Our Facial Vein Removal Device is always a good choice for many users. It is portable that you can bring it anywhere to treat, it is so small and light the weight is only 1.5kgs and the volume is also small, It will not waste your space, it is popular in beauty salon, family and personal, what an amazing machine . It is a perfect solution for medical use like the vascular removal all the body. We add many new features to this model to make it is the best on the market. Special design back of the main body. The connection parts is special designed, checking and testing become more simple. The foot step can avoid the machine away from eletronic trouble.Not only the design back of the main body is special,  but also the treatment hand is amazing. We make the treatment just like a pen, and the needle of the pen is only 0.01mm.It transfers the powerful energy, the energy is 100% equal and exact, only that can provide the best treatment result and the treatment area is very small, leaving no wound.

Portable design Unique shape Customizing Interface Korean Magnetron Standby for 24 hours High quality material 0.01mm needle Customizing handle Painless.

Remove the vascular all the body Remove the skin protrusions, milia, warts, fat granule Remove speckle,  age spots Sunburn, pigmentation Blood vessel treatment, veins removal Cherry angioma treatment on face legs and the whole body.
Treatment head The treatment head is professional and humanized design, we make the treatment head become more handy and lightful . You can handle it easily. When you hold the treatment head at hand you will feel it is really more comfortable than before even for a long time since the design is quite humanized. High frequency The vascular removal machine with high frequency,  it adopts the 13.56MHZ radio frequency, which is safe and approved, it can instantly treat the spider vein effectively without any dis-comfortable .What`s more, it make the treatment more rapid and accurate. The treatment pen The treated area is very small, thinner than hair, since the treatment pen is only 0.01mm, with good epidermis protection and immediate sealing function .So there is no damage to the surrounding skin tissue also you will feel no pain, no risk, and no down time.


Facial Vein Removal Device

Facial Vein Removal Device Facial Vein Removal Device Facial Vein Removal Device Facial Vein Removal Device

We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.

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