Far infrared Knee massager physiotherapy Photon therapy Heating Magnetic Vibration Electric heating knee pad

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Based on ergonomic principles for the knee, shoulder design
The superconducting alloy Thermal moxibustion + Infrared radiation rapid analgesia, swelling, and clear the meridians
Suitable for: aches, lack of flexibility, legs cold, rheumatism and joint pain in the elderly population
Indications Rheumatoid Knee, Elbow, Shoulder Arthritis Pain
1) Infrared Therapy: 4pcs powerful built-in infrared light (700~50000nm) irradiation deeply penetrated into subcutaneous tissues.
2) Thermal Therapy: thermal radiation through 6pcs Halogen lamps, covering the whole knee zone
3) Magnetic therapy: powerful bio magnets embedded on acupuncture points of knee.
4) High-concentration silver with high thermal conductivity on the warm guide can rapidly pass the thermal energy into the knee.
5) Vibration Massage: Vibration could help you get most comfort and help you relaxed.
6) Adjustable heating temperature: temperature range from 45 degree to 65 degree.
7) Flexible using: device could be used any joints such as shoulder, elbow and knee joints.

1) Relieve arthritis pain and soreness in joints
2) Reduce inflammation and swelling
3) Improve blood circulation and metabolism
4) Promote regeneration and wound healing
5) Relax muscles and stop or prevent spasm

Application Scope:
l With sense of pain during walking on stairs or moving the joint
l Extreme pain at the joint during climate change or cloudy weather (at low pressure)
l Frequent sense of discomfort at the joint or lack of flexibility
l joint swelling or rigidity in the afternoon or night after body movement.

Tech Data:
Output frequency: le2kHz Power Supply: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Temperature Range: 45-65 degree Infrared Wavelength(nm): 700-50000
Relative humidity: le80%RH Halogen lamp: 6pcs
Number of Magnets: 9PCS Atmospheric pressure: 86Kpa-106Kpa


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