Fractional RF Microneedling Facial Care Beauty Machine Radio Frequency Face Lifting Wrinkle Removal Anti Aging Skin Rejuvenation

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What is Fractional RF?

Fractional Radio Frequency (RF) is an ideal technology for skin rejuvenation, achieved by precisely delivering controlled RF energy directly into a specific depth of the dermis. The Fractional RF system groundbreaking frequency of 6,000,000 Hz introduces unipolar RF energy into the deep skin layer of reticular fibers, producing heating effects of up to 75 degrees Celsius. This stimulation leads to collagen hyperplasia, the rebuilding of collagen lines, tightening within the dermis, and the creation of toning effects, resulting in skin firming and rejuvenation.

(1) Wrinkle removal
(2) Acne scar removal
(3) Removal of deep and shallow scars
(4) Correction of textural irregularities
(5) Removal of age spots and blemishes
(6) Repair of sun-damaged skin on the face, neck, shoulders, and hands
(7) Reduction of large pores

Treatment Principles
The ergonomic applicator of the RF fractional system delivers bipolar radio frequency energy via a matrix of 64 electrodes in the disposable applicator tip. This RF energy generates fractional deep dermal heating within the region of the electrode matrix, inducing controlled skin injury and triggering a wound healing response. Surrounding tissue less affected by the matrix points may be stimulated by heat, accelerating the healing process and leading to a tighter, rejuvenated skin appearance. Following treatment with the RF fractional system for Sublative Rejuvenation, most patients show improvements in facial parameters, including skin brightness, smoothness, and wrinkle reduction.

RF Effects
Address Skin Issues with Fractional RF
* Continuous treatment from epidermis to dermis: Tightening, pore size reduction, superficial scar improvement, wrinkle reduction
* Enhanced treatment power throughout the dermal area: Lifting, tightening, wrinkle reduction, flushing, lightening, and acne treatment
* Bio-modulation effect through combination treatment with fibroblast media using micro delivery holes; micro electrodes target issues such as scars, acne, pigmentation, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), flushing, whitening, and moisturizing.

RF Advantages
Ease of Operation
Intelligent Color Screen System equipped with Voice Prompt System for easy and accurate usage. RF energy directly affects the dermis, preventing heat accumulation and reducing the risk of blistering and pigment precipitation issues.

No Pigmentation Concerns
RF energy directly targets the dermis, preventing heat accumulation and minimizing the potential for blistering and pigment-related problems.

Reduced Treatment Time
Treatment sessions are quick, lasting just a few minutes (5-10 minutes) for procedures like wrinkle removal, whitening, pore reduction, acne scar removal, and skin rejuvenation.

Minimal Side Effects
Recovery time is short, allowing patients to resume their daily activities immediately after treatment. Normal skincare routines, including face washing and makeup application, can be maintained.

Two Treatment Options
The system offers two treatment options: Dual Matrix and RF Microneedle, catering to the diverse needs of clients. Compared to the 1550 Fractional Laser on the market, the Floracel treatment delivers superior results while maintaining a higher level of safety. Its popularity extends both domestically and internationally.

We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.

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