Haihua CD-9 Serial QuickResult Therapeutic Apparatus Electrical Stimulation Acupuncture Therapy Massager Device CD9

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Product desciption
Haihua CD-9NEW Therapy Apparatus is a new CD series products. It is a physiotherapy instrument with its synthetic function of magnet and electricity based on traditional Chinese medical science about the state of internal organs, meridians, and the modern electronics.

Combining magnetic and electrical treatment, acupuncture, cupping and massage as one,patients will get a synthetic while electrodes touch their acupuncture points. Its most striking characteristic is "Treatment Quickly", one treatment takes only dozens of seconds to a few minutes.

Apply to cold, hypertension, bronchitis, enteritis, stomach problems, arthritis, cervical syndrome, frozen shoulder, waist disc prolapse, stiff neck, prostatitis, pediatric dyspepsia, dysmenorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, insomnia, facial paralysis, rhinitis, toothache and other diseases of the supporting therapy.

Haihua CD-9 New Features:

Energy regulation more convenient
Performance is more stable

Haihua CD-9 New Specifications:

Load resistance:500
Power Consumption:15va
Output waveform:Audio Pulse
Output Frequency:200hz - 2000hz
Magnetic induction:> 0.1t, max 0.3t
Output Voltage:0 ~ 75vp-p, max 100vp-p
Use of the environment: Temperature 5 ~ 40; humidity 80%
Transportation Environment: Temperature -40 ~ 55; humidity 90%
contact terminals:large: diameter 8.5cm
medium: diameter 4.0cm
small: diameter 2.8cm

Packing list
1 X Haihua CD-9 NEW
2 X Large treatment head
2 X Medium treatment head
2 X Small treatment head
1 X Water bottle
2 X User Manual
1 X Treatment Guide
2 X Elastic band
1 X Power Adapter
Send the correct power plug according to your country.

Please note: Before use, the absorbent cotton in the treatment head should be completely wet, making it fully wet, and must use two treatment heads at the same time to work, otherwise no current output. Spray bottles are just used to supplement water.
Haihua CD-9 New

Please note: When adjusting the energy level, you need to press the energy adjustment button several times, the indicator will light up. If you do not understand, please see this video tutorial. https://youtu.be/JmPsDzfedz0

Haihua CD-9 New

Haihua CD-9New English User Manual

Haihua CD-9 New Haihua CD-9 New Haihua CD-9 New Haihua CD-9 New Haihua CD-9 New Haihua CD-9 New Haihua CD-9 New Haihua CD-9 New Haihua CD-9 New Haihua CD-9 New Haihua CD-9 New Haihua CD-9 New

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