Haihua cd-9 SJY Serial QuickResult therapeutic apparatus Car Electrical stimulation Acupuncture therapy Device

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Suitable for long-distance drivers.
Haihua CD-9 is a device with advanced electronic technology. The device uses electrodes to conduct current through the skin to find the internal balance of the organ. This is called needle-free acupuncture. It can clear the meridians, activate blood circulation and rebalance the body's vital energy. It is painless, does not cause redness, swelling or any changes, and is equivalent to other types of treatments such as magnetic therapy, electrotherapy, suction cups, traditional acupuncture. It has magnets that release electromagnetic charges, just like acupuncture, can stimulate acupoints on the human body, and each stimulation lasts about one minute. Haihua's biggest advantage is that it can get results quickly in the case of chronic and acute pain.



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