High Energy Pain Relief Electromagnetic Emtt Physiotherapy Magnetotherapy Machine Magnetic Pemf Magnetic Magneto Therapy Device

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How the magnetic therapy work?
The machine utilizes the biological effect of the low-frequency electromagnetic field to generate an alternating pulse dynamic magnetic field with adjustable intensity from the magnetic therapy radiation. The instrument makes full use of its non-thermal, remote, and cumulative effects to achieve deep root recovery without heat, pain, and stimulation.
* Pain treatment
* Reduces swelling
* Relieve sports injuries
 * Decreases muscle spasm
 * Fracture and wound healing
 * Improve tissue regeneration
Application: This therapeutic device is suitable for relieving the pain of lumbar back myofasciitis and rotator cuff tendinitis in cartilage degenerative arthritis and soft tissue injury.
1. Lumbar muscle strain
2. Frozen shoulder, cervical pain
3, lumbar disc herniation
4, sports injury
5, shoulder, back and lumbar myofasciitis
6, tenosynovitis
7, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, arthritis
8, sports system diseases Convalescent treatment of muscle and tendon injuries;
9. Periostitis, fractures, bone fractures
We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.

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