Home Use Vacuum Blackhead Small Bubble Exfoliator Cleansing Moisturizing Oxygen Injection Instrument Aqua Peeling Beauty Machine

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Home Use Vacuum Blackhead Small Bubble Exfoliator Cleansing Moisturizing Oxygen Injection Instrument Aqua Peeling Beauty Machine

Clean skin care machine principle: Clean skin care machine, combined with adsorption, in the absence of pain,The hair follicle funnel part be opend and remove the skin cutin metabolic waste, while providing adequate and long-lasting nutrients for the skin, It is an essential nursing procedure before the photoelectric instrument operation.

Clean skin care machine can make the atoms of water molecules smaller and oxygen easier to dissolve into the gap between the atoms,The vacuum circuit is formed by the vacuum negative pressure, Make the ultra-fine small bubbles and the nutrient solution are fully combined. The specially designed spiral suction head acts directly on the skin and promotes the peeling effect Clean skin care skin Deep cleaning machine, It is used for the Closed acne, mites.

This machine has different sizes of suction heads. Reusable, water carving and peeling equipment that can peel and regenerate at the same time. There is no needle in this machine.

NOTE:This machine does not include a solution. Please purchase separately, thank you!

Clean:Deep cleaning, clear skin stratum corneum, minimally invasive scar, clearing blackhead.
Wash:Deep cleaning dirt, clean skin
Water supply:supply sufficient water molecules to skin while cleaning.
Rehabilitation:Improve dull skin, shrink pores, smooth skin, repair skin cells.

1. Painless extractions
2. Highest client satisfaction
3. Immediate radiant results
4. No irritation or discomfort
5. No cross-contamination
6. For all skin types and ethnicities
7. Excellent Return On Investme
8. Rejuvenates your microderm business & attracts new clients
9. Superior & faster results than microdermabrasion treatment
10. Resurfaces the skin while simultaneously introducing topically applied skin-specific serums.

1:hydra dermabrasion,applicable to regular or sensitive skin,Or skin with whelk,comedo,acne,etc.
2: cleaning&washing:deep cleaning,clear skin statum rheum,minimally invasive scar,and clearing blackhead,remove deep skin dirt.
3: effective and direct moistening:supply sufficient water molecules to skin while cleaning.
4: used the skin care products to achieve a large variety of treatment aims like wrinkle/pigmentation removal,skin lightening and whitening.

Voltage: 220V or 110V/50Hz-60Hz
We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.
Tech: Aqua peel hydro
Vacuum: adjustable
Accessories: 2 hydro tips
Handle:1 hydro handle
Feature:Skin revializer, Skin rejuvenation, Pigmentation correctors, Deep cleaning.


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