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1.Keep the product away from water
2.Dont use it on eyes and lips.
3.Dont let children use this product.
4.Please clean the treatment head before every times use.
5.Dont overuse it.
6.If the acne became more serious after using this product, please stop using it and consult dermatologist.
7.If your skin is very sensitive to heat, please do not use this product which treats acne using a certain temperature. And please test the skin reaction in the arm before use.


  • Features
    1.Using both temperature (45C) & light technology (415nm blue light),kill bacteria under skin to prevent & reduce pimple lead time.
    2.Exclusive hexagonal light atom: Breach skins barrier through the exclusive hexagonal light atom to repair the damaged skin faster.
    3.Small and exquisite, easy to carry. and durable.
    5.Powered by dry battery is more energy saving. One piece of AA battery, without power supply hindering, you can keep your face delicate anytime.
    6.With Ultrasonic Vibration Function,more easily and effectively to reduce acne.
    7. Battery will not be provided.

Unplug the head cover. Dip a piece of clean cloth into some suds or alcohol and then wipe up the treatment head (please clean the treatment head before every times use)
Step 1 install batteries
Push down the battery cover on the back of the product. Put one piece of AA battery into it. Please notice the polarity of the battery, dont put it reversed.
Step 2 press on-off key
The product runs with the voice of bi. At this time, the green power indicator light will light up, and blue working indicator light starts to flicker (once every two seconds). The treatment head begin warming.
Step 3 Product makes a warning tone to start treatment (after 30 seconds or so)
At this time, the blue working indicator light turns into high frequency blinking (three times every two seconds). Meanwhile, the product reminds you that treatment heads temperature is ok for starting treatment with a prompt voice Bi-Bi-Bi.
Step 4 press work key
Blue light turns blinking into permanent bright. At this time, the treatment head issues blue light. Product reminds you that it starts to conduct the treatment timing with the prompt voice Bi-Bi every 6 seconds.
Step 5 put the treatment head on acne
Put the treatment head on acne gently (dont press greatly, otherwise it will prolong the time of red dot disappearing)
About 2.5 minutes later, take away the product from the acne until the end of therapy. At this time, product will automatically enter into the state of step 3 --- waiting (wait for 15 seconds). If you need to treat another acne, press the work key starting another acnes treatment.
Press on-off key again to turn off the product after complete all of therapy.


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