Sterile Acupuncture Needles Single Use 500 pcs disposable chinese acupuncture needles

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Hot sale Sterile Acupuncture Needles Single Use 500pcs/box for 10pcs/blister disposable chinese acupuncture needles

1. Non-tarnishing specially formulated pipe shape aluminum alloy handle

2. Narrow smooth-edge guide tube when precise insertion is a must

3. Consistently sharp needle tip profile

4. Extra spring, high tensile needle body made of surgical grade purest stainless steel

5. Chinese-Style Acupuncture

6. Pyrogen Free  

7. No glue spot and No annoying tabs  

8. When patients demand the best


0.16*13mm, 0.16*15mm, 0.18*13mm, 0.18*15mm, 0.18*25mm, 0.18*40mm, 0.20*13mm, 0.20*25mm, 0.20*40mm, 0.22*13mm, 0.22*25mm, 0.22*40mm, 0.22*50mm, 0.25*13mm, 0.25*25mm, 0.25*30mm, 0.25*40mm, 0.25*50mm, 0.25*60mm, 0.25*75mm, 0.30*13mm, 0.30*25mm, 0.30*40mm, 0.30*50mm, 0.30*60mm, 0.30*75mm, 0.35*25mm, 0.35*40mm, 0.35*50mm, 0.35*60mm, 0.35*75mm 

Package: 500pcs/box,  10pcs/blister with 1 tube








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