Sterile huanqiu ear acupuncture needle press needle auricular 0.22*1.5mm

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Hot sale Sterile huanqiu ear acupuncture needle press needle auricular acupuncture needles 0.22*1.5mm of press needle

100pcs / box(package)

Specifications 0.22 * 1.5mm
The needle base is anchored between two layers of surgical adhesive tape. The tack will not accidentally fall into ear canals or be left behind when removing the tack. Extra Comfort: The base is isolated from the skin and will not cause irritation. Breathable surgical tape, suitable for sensitive skin. Surgical stainless steel. Sterilized. Stainless steel (disposable) ready to use Press Needles. These Press Needles are clear, double taped10 pcs per sheet, 100 pcs  per box. (10 sheets)


Ear acupuncture therapy clinical and more used: Headache, migraine headaches, stomach pain, biliary colic, hypochondriac pain, wrist ankle sprain. It is also applicable to certain chronic diseases, such as: neurasthenia, hypertension, asthma, irregular menstruation, facial spasm, eyelid (mesh intercalated) dynamic, enuresis, frequent urination like.





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