Hwato SDZ-IIB Electro Acupuncture Nerve and Muscle Stimulator sdz-iib Electroacupuncture Therapy Physical Stimulation Therapy

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Please note: only we can provide English manuals, other stores can only provide Chinese manuals. If you don't understand Chinese, you may not be able to use it. If you need an English manual, please let me know your email address.

*Brand new product with novel and modern appearance
*2 output channels
*New circuitry, no cross over, no interference
*Continuous, intermit, and dense-disperse (modulated) waveforms
*Adjustable frequency: 1-100Hz
*Durable alligator clip wires
*Timer: 0-60 minutes
*Output safety alert-all outputs must be turned off before powering on the unit.
Technical specs:
*Output pulse amplitude: 0-50V (on 500 ohm load). Adjustable
*Pulse frequency
continuous wave - 1-100 Hz Adjustable,
Intermittent wave: continuous wave frequency adjustable in 1-100Hz. Break-wave time is 5 seconds, continuous wave time is 15 seconds,
Dense-clieperse wave spacing wave frequency is of density frequency, Density wave frequency adjustable in 5 - 100Hz.
*Pulse width: 1ms
*Pulse wave un-smmetry two-direction pulse wave
*Wave form: adjustable, dense-disperse, and intermittent
*AC Adapter (input AC220V 50Hz / AC110V 60Hz, output DC9V)
We will send the corresponding power plug according to your country.

2 connecting pin lead wires.
2 pairs alligator clips to connect to the pin lead wires.
2 pairs self-adhesive electrodes to connect to to the pin lead wire.
1 instruction manual.

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